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  • Being nice. I can cope with being wrong, and also with knowing I am right and not pushing the point. I particularly use this tactic when someone says they either remember something I did/said and I cannot or I can remember something I did/said and the other cannot. Not worth the fuss of an argument for that one. If it is a really important issue and I know I am correct I may push it then, but not otherwise.
  • For me it's alway's been - Being Nice - When times that should not have been the case Super Question
  • In most situations, being nice. But not things like divorce. Nice people finish last there.
  • Being right.
  • Being nice. Do unto other's as you would want other's to do unto you.
  • It all depends what the issue is about. What if there is a serious matter and just agreeing with the other person just for the sake of 'being nice' would feel like a lie to me, or would have a negative influence on my values or life, in that case 'being right' would be more important. At other times, it wouldn't really matter to me whether I am right or wrong and then the choice would be 'being nice'. We never can please everyone- neither can we be right all of the time. So I think a fair balance of being right and being nice would be the thing to do for me.
  • The idea of displeasing or discomforting another person used to be nearly horrifying to me. This was a trained mindset. Only in recent years have I learned the folly of this issue. Since then, I've most likely over-compensated in my attempt to strike the right balance, but STILL I think that disregarding 'being nice' is complete bullshit. In my not-so-humble opinion, if a person ever comes to a point where they 'have to choose which,' they're not thinking hard enough. Further, I think they're trying to find some justification for their anti-social temperance, or deficient social skills. Communication is so complex and inflected that you can accomplish both goals, PERIOD. You don't need to be an inconsiderate ass. You don't need to be happy-sugar-rainbow-unicorns. You just need to think about it more.
  • Being nice about it when I'm right as well as being nice about it when I'm wrong.
  • It's more important to me that my actions are based on what is right. However, there is no reason why I can't be both right and nice at the same time. If I've put myself into a situation where I have to choose between being right and being nice, I haven't really done it right!
  • Being nice by being right ...all the time ..LOL :-) !
  • being nice. As long as I know I'm right what does it matter what others think?
  • Being nice is over rated. I'd rather be real, and to me thats whats important.
  • That is entierly relative to the conflict at hand.
  • Being nice.
  • The truth takes precedence.
  • Depends entirely on the situation and the person.
  • being nice.... my step sister is nutty and she just says shit that is not true. I would rather back off and not get into than try to convince her that she's an idiot
  • The saying goes "Would you rather be right or have peace." I'd rather have peace so I guess that would make me strive for being nice. Unless something violates principles, it's not important enough to lose the peace between two people.
  • Definitely being nice!
  • Being nice, noone will ever be right all the time
  • It takes courage to come as mean for accuracy's sake; thus, I'd rather be somberly upfront than deceiving someone with a smile.
  • "Being nice!"

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