• bach flower essences are good but expensive. I am talking about the essences that you have tailor made to your child by a bach practioner.
  • well if you mean a replacement for ritilin which they usually prescribe to children with attention problems.i would say to close thing would be caffeine.A friend of mine had an hyperactive child and the doctor recommended giving him a cup of weak coffee before bed and it seem to work.he calmed down and would go to bed.
  • I cannot recommend any personally. But here are some sites that discuss them. You might like to talk them over with your doctor. Hope you can find something that works.
  • My daughter was diagnosed with it at age 7. I did not want to medicate her either. She could not even sit long enough to eat a meal. I enrolled her in Taekwondo classes. After 6 or 7 months she could sit through an entire 2 hour testing without squirming. That was almost 11 years ago, and you would never know she is ADHD. She will become a certified instructor and hopefully test for her 4th degree black belt this year, she was also 2004 state champion in forms, sparring and weapons. (Sorry..I tend to brag a bit) It will not work for everyone and a child has to like doing it. You also have to be careful about which organization you use, some are way to tough for young kids. The ATA is geared towards kids, they start them at 3, and it is a very widespread organization. We were very lucky when we found her first instructor, he was gentle, soft spoken and very patient. He understood her condition and geared her training more toward focusing at first. Good luck, and I applaud you for wanting to find alternatives to medication.
  • As an aside: You may want to get a second opinion. The diagnosis of ADD and ADHD has exploded in the last several years, coincidentally paralleling the marketing boom of treatment medications. There is a school of thought that says kids are naturally energetic and have short attention spans. ADHD may be a real disorder, but there seems little question it's often diagnosed when there's no disorder present at all. A second opinion (which nearly 40% of the time ends in a different diagnosis) might be able to confirm the actual presence of a condition.
  • There is an herbal supplement called Focus Attention put out by Natures Sunshine, They say that if you take Focus Attention along with Flax Seed Oil, it helps children with ADD/ADHD. My second to oldest was diagnosed with ADHD and a friend of mine had an herbal shop and that is what he told me to give my son, and it did help. He also told me to give him Chamomile tea to help with calming him down, well on two of my kids that helps but on the other two kids i have to give them coffee. I hope this helps.
  • Please investigate EEG biofeedback also known as neurofeedback or neurotherapy. It is a safe, effective alternative to medication that is approved by the American Psychological Association for the treatment of ADD/AHDH. There is a lot of information on the web. Try using keywords like "neurofeedback and ADD or ADHD". To learn more about neurofeedback click below
  • The Herbal Healer academy has some formulas that are wonderful for both ADD, OCD and ADHD Typ0e in the search box for tapes and books that might help. It's a great site for all sorts of alternative treatments. It's my favorite place for info and supplies. They even have naturopathy courses for the very serious student.
  • Some physicians have suggested [non-smoked]cannabis, talk with your doctor about it: ­ ­
  • Omega 3 fish oil helps with concentration. My 12yr old has ADHD. I beleive I have ADD. My son needs the medication to reach his full potention with his learning. (He went from failing most subjects to passing all after being medicated.) Keep this in mind, I let my son have a break from medication on the weekend and school holidays.
  • Many parents are tempted to go with the natural alternatives but the reality is they are no safer and have no less side effects than medications. Medications are often safer as they must go through rigourous testing and constant monitoring by a doctor. There are no safety standards on natural prducts. They tend to be less effective aswell.
  • You believe that you have it as well..? ADHD is a genetic disorder (not always, but in some cases). Either you know that you have it or not. Natural, herbal, alternative supplements WILL NOT work for people who have ADHD. The disorder affects the brain. No single herb can cure what's in the brain. However, caffiene works. A cup of coffee or Red Bull usually works.
  • Be careful with diagnosis of ADHD. It is one of the most over-diagnosed disorders, according to a Harvard Medical School study. Why? Big Pharma wants you to medicate your kids. 5% of kids are realistically affected, instead of the 25% average.
  • Eventually they'll figure it out!

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