• Prisoners should serve their time on a chain gang at hard labor.
  • No. We don't want ciminals to get access to weapons.
  • It might give them the discipline they lacked at home growing up without a father figure.
  • Lets say I am a volunteer military person and have been assigned to go on a military raid in an isolated location where some civilians live including women and children. Do I want the rapist, murderer, drug addict, thief, pedophile, spouse beater or the conscientious objector to have my back...naw, I want a real soldier.
  • No. Creator of bad morale for other people in the service, which volunteered to join. Prisoners would always be looking for a way to escape. Prisoners would kill other military personnel, just to escape.
  • well this is very drawn out no simple is what I think on the issue,ok,I would say kids ,young adults say 18-28 that are staying in trouble,with no kind of support from family,thats doing small crime(not murders,and violent criminals).instead of locking them away for the tax payers to take care of for 5 or 10 years ,put their behinds in the military,learn them some skills,get an education-do somthing--and for the ones that still show out abd get into trouble in the military send their buts oversea's. so a certain edit would have to be in place ,but a good idea in general.
  • Hmmmmmm, not so sure I'd want lots of highly trained killers with a criminals temperament wandering round.
  • There must be some positions in the military that could use free labour, provided that the cons weren't insane sadists, then why not.
  • depends what their convictions are and what they would be doing in the military
  • It might benefit society if prisons were run more like military institutions than hotels! However, if I had a loved one on the front line the last thing I would want to be worying about is whether the guy fighting beside him can be trusted to only shoot the enemy!
  • nothing would improve relations between countries more than sending our hardened criminals to aide them in troubled times.
  • No. Crime sufficient to merit imprisonment for long enough to make military service a sensible option (realistically, at least a year) represents a major failure of social responsibility. I do *not* want people who have been proven to have a flawed sense of social responsibility being trained and equipped with lethal weapons.
  • The armed forces of today are all volunteers and under no circumstances should criminals be drafted into any of the services. The servicemen and women in the armed forces are all professionals and they would not appreciate have the dregs of society serving alongside them.
  • Can you trust the guy/gal next to you to be there when it counts? Or do you have to watch them, and the enemy?
  • How is being given a weapon and being told to kill people your government dislikes sufficient punishment?
  • Nope, it is a crazy idea. It would involve giving crooks weapons, and the ability to use them. Dont forget why they are crooks in the first place, they cannot follow the rules. The military is all about rules.
  • Absolutely not! It would erode all bonds of trust. Would you like your partner or backup to be a convicted murderer? +5
  • They're not desirable as soldiers
  • NO! Are you crazy? Just what our country needs...a bunch of convicts armed with weapons on the loose.

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