• Nope I just find it annoying.
  • No my only hope is that like me they give up as it is for their own good
  • Nah, I think they should definitely quit though, they're just hurting themselves and those around them.
  • No, i figure they should for themselves but i can't judge as we all have some vice.
  • Only if they are shorter than me. :)
  • hmmm.. only the ones that smoke, yet never have cigs, and ask me for 1... theyre gettn expensive, but i can never say no.
  • I do not look down on the people who smoke but I am not happy with their bad habit of smoking in the presence of us who are non-smokers.
  • No. I know some great people who smoke and although I don't approve of them smoking I certainly don't think they're dumber or less competent than I am just because they smoke.
  • no i dont.
  • No I used to be a chain smoker myself and loathe nothing more than Born Again Non Smokers pontificating.
  • No. I used to smoke. I can defiently tell a difference now that I no longer smoke but I dont care if you do either.
  • Well one of my good friends (a girl) just started smoking. She's 15, it's like CRAZY. I don't look down on her, but I'm very disappointed in her. I wish i could just slap her in the face in say "no," but I can't. :(
  • Why, are they lying on the floor?
  • we live in a free world each to thier own i dont smoke and i prefer if they dont smoke in closed spaces near me as i value my health
  • hell yeah smoking is for dumbasses who wanna look cool
  • Well, being a smoker, it's probably best not to do that. But even if I didn't smoke I still wouldn't.
  • Yes. Yes they do. The ex-smokers maybe not. The rest use smokers as their punching bags to feel superior. Me, I won't stop. At least I'm choosing my poison. All the health conscious people will find out when they are dying of a disease that they were living on a dump site or in the path of radiation or something. Most of them are easier on child molesters and rapists than smokers.
  • Depends. If they are sitting or 5'5, I look down. If they are 5'7, I look up.
  • No, I don't look down on smokers. Having been a smoker myself, I get it.
  • I wouldn't say I look down on them... it's more like most of the time id prefer not to be around them.. Iv'e ended up with a broncial enhaler twice because of intake of passive smoke along with being sick at the same time.
  • No. They are no less than non-smokers. But I look away because I don't want to inhale the second hand smoke.
  • No. But I don't want people to smoke near me and I don't like the smell of smoke on my clothes, body and also on others I'm accompanied by. . I just feel sorry for the people who smoke that they fell into this addiction and that it'll make their life much shorter and much more unpleasant. I also feel sorry for the people from their family who will also have to pay for it. . I only look down on people who think it's "cool" or sexy to smoke or that there's something wrong with non-smokers. I also don't like smokers who live in denial as to the health issues or who say that "they'll die anyway and something else would be killing them if not this" and other such stupid bullshit. But that's a general thing, because I don't relate with any people who live in denial of anything.
  • Maybe a little, if I'm being honest. I try not to. There are so many other things that are more important, so I don't really think it's a big deal. I may not judge too much, but I do encourage smokers that I am close to to quit. If it didn't shorten lives, I wouldn't care. I could get over the smell.
  • You people (non-smokers) are so worried about second-hand cig smoke affecting your health when at the same time you have no problem polluting the air with your exhaust engines, buying products from industries who pollute the air, and eating food that rots your gut! All of which affect your health a hell of lot worse. Want to keep complaining about smokers? You're all hypocrites! Every last one of ya (who complain, that is). ciao
  • Nope as I am a smoker. What I do though, is to stay off the sidewalk, away from doors and large corwds. Just not trying to start an arguement regarding smoking. Yes, you could call me considerate, but don't tell others that, they won't believe you :)

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