• Any other questions? :)
  • I doubt they would want me now...the circus would take one look at an overweight 50 year old woman whose main trick is to be able to speak in a vacuum...and THE CIRCUS WOULD RUN AWAY. LOL
  • I'd imagine making phone calls are important, going around to the different circus's [is that the right pluralization?], which kind of circus would best meet your needs. Finding the right suitcase for your stuff, and then there's the goodbye note... Wow, that's actually a lot to think about.
  • I did almost join the circus once - there was an advert in my local paper saying that they were looking for a knife throwers assistant. I chickened out in the end though. So step one would be to keep an eye out in your local paper and maybe google "I want to join the circus" or "circus acts required" and see what comes up. Second option would be to wait until an appropriate circus comes to town and go visit them one early morning whilst they're setting up, ask to see the person in charge and ask whether they need anyone to help out. You might end up feeding the tigers or washing the elephants to start with, but it shouldn't be long before you graduate to wearing frilly underwear and having dangerous objects thrown at you.
  • Well, I would imagine that the logical thing to do would be to wait for the circus to come to your town, so you could join it first, and *Then* run away. You don't want to end up a Circusless Street Urchin. You may also want to compile a circus resume beforehand. Are there any particular position you're interested in? If so, now's the time to start training at it. If you want to be a Fortune Teller, now's the time to get yourself a shawl and a fish bowl, if you want to be a lion tamer, now's the time to go out looking for stray cats. Running away and joining the circus is all a matter of taking the oppurtunity when it presents itself. Best of luck!
  • I'd recommend doing some research, doing some training, deciding what kind of circus you want to find yourself part of - how big or small, how friendly or demanding - and what job you'd like to do. Here's a good starting point, the Circus Arts Forum, with information and links and even a message board where you could ask the same question:
  • i had entertained the idea of joining a carnival once for a brief second as a teenager. Just ask one of the workers there.

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