• file a noise complaint to the landlord and the police
  • tell the landlord and himane society
  • Before you do all the legal stuff give her a warning. write her a note so she knows your upset. then if she doesn't stop the dog from barking, tell her you'll have to talk to the landlord.
  • Invest Etymotic Research ER20BP-SM Hgih Fidelity Earplugs Small - Ears plugs,and wait for another neighbor to file a complaint...
  • not much you can do, its an animal but earplugs and music can help out a lot :)
  • Okay, this is an unconventional solution in these days and times but...why not tell your neighbor, "I noticed your dog freaks when you are gone at night. I can't do the whole dog gig but if he is scared being alone he can overnight at my house." The dog might dig the company, your neighbors might all be grateful and you might make canine and human friends. Worse things can happen right? Why not err on the side of decency, friendliness and understanding? If they fail to respond...have the neighbors evicted and the dog killed?
  • Talk to your neighbor, Maybe they dont realize the dog is barking. After that Talk to the management. Write a formal letter, and if nothing is done contact animal control and or the police (use a non emergency number). If this is happening late at night it is disturbing the peace. Same as if they were having a loud party all night. It may be helpful to make a recording of the noise, incase animal control or police come during the day to talk to you and your neighbor. Hope this helps.
  • If the landlord won't do anything, then just call the police.
  • As a runner, I would ask if I could borrow the dog and take it running with me. It would be much happier if it had some activity, and they love to join the outdoor workout. If they said "no" then I would ask if they could please come up with a way to shut the dog up before you take your grievance to the landlord.
  • People that leave their dogs alone usually have heard that the dog barks his brains out before. They won't care. I'd call the landlord, don't leave a note. call. If that doesn't work, call police, or break your lease.
  • I will admit that no one is going to like this answer, but I would kill the dog. I really would, and I would not feel bad about it either.
  • i'd write a note a leave it under his door when you know he's not in and the dog won't eat it. it might summarize the problem and that you'd like to let him know that it's bothersome to you and you want to let him know before you call animal control. you might suggest a book on on "how to shut up your talkative dog", presumably whenever he leaves the apartment either to go to night shift work or go to the bar. if it persists, call the police local line or animal control and explain the situation and timing. you don't want the dog to be euthanized / pay the price for his inconsideration, but, you must assert your rights, too! good luck!!! :)
  • Talk to your neighbor. Work something out. Or kill the dog...probably not the best idea but...
  • Definitely talk to the neighbor if nothing is done the landlord would be next if still no solution then find another place. That's the beauty of renting you can move to another place.
  • Klipsch speakers + dual 800 watt bridged mono power amplifiers + Pink Floyd :-D
  • leave a note on his door that if he does not invest in a bark deterent within a week that you will be filing an official complaint with managment. there are ultrasonic noise makers, shock collars and spray collars that respond to dog barks. I do not care how much you love your little rat dog... they are NOT the little angels their owners think they are. they are ill tempered abnoxious nuisances. if you can't shut your rodent up then you don't deserve the right to have it.
  • haha i had a problem with that once i offered to train their dog and it worked, if you don't want to do that maybe your could ask them if they can train him or do something aobut it other than that u will just have to deal with it or move.
  • call animal control or the police,,, disturbing the peace! and maybe animal neglect/cruelty
  • I think you shoud talk first to you neihbor. if he is not persent or not listening to you then go to police and talk to them on this matter.

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