• Smoking Marrakesh hash resin in my lunch time with a mate. We couldn't stop giggling at work the whole afternoon. It was the looks we got from elderly fellow workers that made it worse to try and stop.
  • Telling my boss that my new company van delivered by ferry fell into the bay when they were trying to move it onto the dock. It was April 1. He appreciated the joke, but the insurance people he contacted in New York did not since they'd already started the paperwork. I think they really wanted the van to be gone.
  • Catching two employees having sex on late night overtime. I took in the scene and said with a straight face you don't get paid to screw around......
  • I got my brown hair bleached to a canary yellow and went to work. Management had a kitten. It was funny for six weeks, then I got it cut off. I had shoulder length hair tied in a pony tail. Sometimes someone would braid it into a french curl for me. That usually went over big.
  • I got up to turn in a paper during a meeting ... and when I got back to my seat, for some reason, as I went to sit back down, I totally missed my chair! It was VERY funny to everyone else ... but, it hurt like h*ll!
  • This happened at least 25 years ago (when I was young and much thinner) - I worked in a medical research lab and thought it would be funny to blow up a rubber glove and put it under my labcoat and pretend I was pregnant. One guy said it looked realistic, but I had placed to too high on my abdomen. I reached up under the coat, and grabbed one of the fingers of the glove and started yanking it down to try to get it lower, meanwhile making strange faces. He started laughing and said it looked like I was jerking one off.
  • A bird flew in the building. They could not get it out and thought it might trigger the alarm. So the owner called "somebody". A little later two guys in camouflage show up on the loading dock with a 410 shot gun. All they said was "we're here for the bird." Needless to say scared the hell out of anyone who was nearby. It is about closing time anyway so almost everyone heads home. They shut down the lights. Then boom, shoot out the broadband cable. The computers went down, the bird flew away, I went home.
  • A woman at a job I worked at would often flirt with me. One valentine's day she gave me Musk for Men cologne. I took it home and told my wife about it. The next day my wife went in to my job wearing the scent and I don't know what my wife said to her but that woman never say or gave me another gift. On a note my wife smells wonderful in that cologne. Every so often she would put it on and laugh.
  • I worked in a major corporation's IT group. For obvious reasons, there was a lot of security dictating who and what could enter the room where the mainframe computer(s) were housed. However, someone who worked in that area had a birthday and co-workers brought in a really nice cake with REAL candles ... lit the candles ... which set off the sprinkler system and shut down the entire company's computer system worldwide!! Ooops!!!

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