• Criminals wouldnt think so
  • what about a biometric scan, a retinal scan, dna and micro chip implantation?
  • You would think so. But lifting usable prints from a scene isn't as easy or successful as you see on tv.
  • Of course, why do you think police do that when they take people into jail.
  • Why not cough up a little DNA for 'em while your at it?
  • I don't know... I don't have a problem with it, and I think it is a very good idea. I wouldn't want to be the government that puts such a step into action though.
  • I assume your talking about giving the government our prints at birth. The government is already into way to much stuff in our lives. I'm not for giving them more. If you're arrested, they can already print you and collect DNA. I'm against this too. If your're convicted of a crime, then OK. But before that, no.
  • Hell no! Whatever happened to a citizen's privacy? The only thing I can say to this is who is gonna fingerprint the cops to catch them when they break the law? And believe it, there are a LOT of bad cops out there nowadays, who are harrassing, arresting and beating citizens for crimes that they themselves are guilty of, but because they are cops, they have carte blanche to get away with it. Makes me sick! Make the cops as transparent as the citizens and then I would think it fair.
  • I don't care too much for the government to be so much a part of our lives. Since 9/11, there has been much less resistance to government invasion of privacy. Our privacy is a right guaranteed to us by the supreme court in the case Roe vs Wade. While I do believe in bringing criminals to justice, I'm more afraid of the government becoming too powerful for the people's own good than I am of a few clever criminals.
  • Being that mine are already on record with the FBI (licensing requirement) I guess everyone else should too. What's the point of the baby fingerprints -- why can't they use those. I didn't think they change. Anyone know?
  • Law enforcement agencies have no right to gather evidence without probable cause for a crime.
  • ummm, as a dad, i'd want the police to have access to all kinds of information about my children - photographs and, as esteban above suggests tongue in cheek, biometric scan, a retinal scan, dna and micro chip implantation. i'd be in favor of allowing the military, intelligence, and leo's access to all this information once we're adults provided that they'd only use it for good, instead of evil. [wink]
  • Hell no.
  • If would not upset me. The American Celebrities Association would be yelling on every new show.

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