• thanks for the anwser but i actually found out that ravens are protected under the migratory bird treaty act
  • Wow... who'd have thunk it. I live in PA and have accidently shot a raven before (mistaking it for a crow.) Just found this information below and was going to forward it on to you but i see you have already found the correct answer. So sorry for the misinformation. RAVENS This imposing bird has been persecuted for years by farmers and gamekeepers; as a result it has withdrawn from many of its historic haunts (5). It is very rare that they will attack strong, healthy livestock, yet ravens are still perceived as a threat and are occasionally shot despite being legally protected (5). Other threats include collisions with overhead cables (5). No specific conservation action has been targeted at the raven, although it is protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981); under this act it is illegal to intentionally kill or injure wild ravens or remove or damage their nests or eggs (3).
  • Takes nerve to ask this. Edgar Allan Poe..Read up on him.

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