• The most amazing thing my dog ever did was come into my life 17 years ago, and today, except for the great memories that I will have from him, he will be leaving me. My faithful companion will be departing my life today at 3:30 at the vets office after pondering over and over for when it was time to let him go. I will miss his companionship.
  • I put him in a Kennel with one of those moving blankets to sleep on. The next morning when I went to pick him up he had eaten the whole blanket. Not just tore it or chewed it. The complete blanket was gone. I took him to the vet but he passed it himself two days later. Nobody could believe he ate the whole thing and it didn't kill him.
  • I dont know why but mine kept finding hedgehogs and bringing them to me. Holding them very carefully by one or two prickles. Found 3 in a few hours once.
  • don't keep mammal pets, but the best amazing dog trick I spied nearby was my neighbours wife doing the gardening crouched over her flowerbed talking to the other neighbour only to have the dog from my other neignbours side flash accross my garden and try and mount her side on knocking her into the flowerbed. Youtube moment, still makes me laugh
  • Besides tolerating me for 15 years.....she never failed to love me...even when she was ill.....
  • My previous beagle, who was probably 1/4 bassett (stocky build, legs, 1" shorter than an average beagle), somehow caught a rabbit in our back yard. When I went outside, he'd already eaten a drumstick off of it. My wife swears that the rabbit must have already the leg elsewhere and ol' Bailey just found it.
  • Well, being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, he was *supposed* to be a pushover with family, but a mean, lean, rough, tough, biting, growling, barking muscle fest with others. Like burglars. The most amazing thing he ever did was allow us to be burgled. My husband got home to find, not a bloody and battered burglar with my jewlery strewn around him, and the dog sitting in his chest. No, the dog was asleep in the corner, and most of our house was missing.
  • I was so sick that I couldn't even move and didn't even have enough energy to scream for someone to help me. Somehow she pushed the door open and sat next to me making crying noises and then went to the other end of the house to make a big enough fuss for my husband to get out of his bed and into his wheelchair to come and find me and get me to the hospital.
  • She (Brittany) lived to be 17 yrs old. I loved her more then I could ever say! She was a good dog! My first "child" before I actually had a child. . +5
  • Adopted my little girl as his baby!!
  • While my "Ebby" was still a puppy, (and had already learned what the words "eat" and "food" meant), I had started spelling out these words, when I would leave instructions for the kids (like, "Brad, f-e-e-d Eb in 2 hours"). Well, one afternoon my son came in and said "Dad, has Eb been f-e-d yet?". Ebby immediately jumped up and walked over to her bowl, and sat. We were floored! We had only been spelling out these instructions for a few days, and even then, changed the words quite often (because, when she knew it was "feeding time", she would come and get me and yelp until I filled her bowl! I'm starting to think she can "spell" anything, LoL!
  • She brought me tiny baby kittens,unharmed,from under a house!She was Very amazing!
  • Hannah is a Search and Rescue dog. She finds lost people. Recently we had a training day where we set our dogs to run a trail that had been laid EIGHTEEN DAYS before. Now Hannah is not a Bloodhound. She is a Shepsky, a second generation cross bred GSD/Husky mix. Her nose is no where near the size of the Bloodhounds on the team. But not only did she manage to run the trail successfully (it was on a hiking trail part of the time, went past water...which scent always "rolls" down hill and towards water...but also on hard surfaces) but she also ran it in the DARK. Dogs don't see that great in the dark, they really rely on the old nose in the dark. Hannie is the smallest dog on the team at about 18 inches at the shoulder and only about 45 to 50 pounds. Compared to the hounds, her nose is all those wrinkles and their big floppy ears help to wave the scent up into their noses... Hannah should NOT have been able to run a trail that old successfully....yet, she did it! She has also successfully tracked people who were walking, then got into a car...and drove away. She amazes me every time we run another trail.

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