• Being racist.
  • Violence, lacking tolerance of other people, lying and I'm sure a lot more than I can think of right now.
  • abuse :'(...
  • %$#!&%(!*(*&!&^$&!#&!&@&%%#!!!!! I watched my dad work on the car alot when I was a kid and learned more swearwords that anything.
  • Losing their temper. How can children be expected to control their negative emotions in a productive way when their parents vent their anger on the chidlren?
  • to disrespect the other parent....
  • smoking or drinking
  • How to eat an entire jar of Nutella with a spoon while playing Facebook apps. *hides Nutella jar*
  • Everything negative You can imagine. . I once watched a documentary about finding out the limits of monkey intelligence and there was an experiment in which they used small children. . It was about whether the monkeys will blindly repeat a way to get candy from a machine, doing also the useless things or just go straight for the important things to get it, skipping the useless part. . So the monkeys once they saw a transparent version of the machine skipped the pointless parts of getting the candy. The children repeated the whole pointless process after the teacher every single time.
  • I have to answer with a story. My parents did their best to set a good example for us. But my Dad made less than kind remarks about other drivers while driving. We went on an outing without him and when we returned he asked us about it. We all said it was fun and we had a good time. My youngest brother add "But we didn't see a #$%&* even one time!". My Dad stopped making those remarks. Children hear everything....especially the things we don't want them to hear.
  • Smoking and Drinking.
  • Saying . for fucks sake.
  • I've heard cussing and calling names I couldn't believe. +5
  • 1) Any bad thing that their parents should not do either. Unfortunately, their are high chances that they might learn those things too. For instance: - if their parents often shout at them, they will learn to shout at people, - if their parent punish them without good reasons, they will develop sadistic tendencies - children from separated parents will separate more often than others (please notice that separation can sometimes also be a good thing) 2) "When it comes to dealing with children, Brazelton maintains there are nine comments parents should never make to a child: See, I told you so. When I was your age, etc. Because I said so! Why can’t you be like your sister or brother? If you don’t do what I say, I’m leaving you here. How could you be so stupid? Shut up! You’ll never get anywhere in life. I want you kids to stop fighting, now! Source and further information:
  • Banging the neighbor.
  • Well, I got into gunfights sometimes before I moved.
  • Being disrespectful to authority - or to anyone, for that matter.
  • Bad language - the first word from a child of a girl I once dated, was "f**k."
  • Probably a lot. Swearing, smoking, etc.
  • Never let them in your shop when you are working, I am afraid that was my children's first exposure to 4 letter explicatives.
  • If their parents are rude then, how to be rude and using swears.
  • Quick tempered reactions are very bad.
  • i want to add lying to all of the above. because lying can lead to all bad things and behaviors
  • How to have a NEGATIVE ATTITUDE! This is so subtle sometimes, yet it has a far reaching and (duh) negative impact on the child that can really set them up to fail in a million little ways throughout their lifetime. I'm not saying that everything has to be (because it won't, ever, in life...) "Pollyanna Perfect." BUT... we do get to choose HOW we act and react when something chits on our parade! Attitude is everything... I say if something in life is wrong or making me unhappy, I have to look harder at it to see if I can FIX IT...what will it take to fix it? What if I can't fix it...what if it is someone else's behavior that I'm not liking a whole lot? Well, what CAN I do about it? I can stop associating with that person, I can work around them, stop waiting for them to change in order to do or get what I want. I have that choice, decision and right, since I'm an adult! If I am unwilling to do anything, or take any steps to change what is making me unhappy...then that's on ME. I've made the decision to just "quit trying." Then...I loose. The only difference between a Winner and a looser, is that the looser QUITS trying. The only thing that can turn a Winner into a looser, besides quitting, is when they attempt to win, by causing harm to others, or attempt to win by not caring about others...Winning requires that you work towards your goals, but do not forget your family or friends in the process!
  • Smoking
  • Love for country Love for God

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