• You need to contact the police ASAP and get a restraining order on this person.
  • call the police. they will help you get the guy away from you, and as Chick98 said, probably get him a restraining order.
  • I have had the same thing all i had to do was get a restraining order on him and for him to see me with some other guy and he stopped!
  • I agree with the others who say to get a restraining order. Call the police every time he stalks you or bothers you. You have a right to feel safe in your community, let the jerk move on with his life.
  • "FRO" stands for Final Restraining Order
  • Above all belive nothing he says. He can't manipulate the system any better then anyone else. He's using it as a scare tatic to get you to do what he wants.You can still get one on him.Call the cops every time he violates that restaining order he has on you. Especially if he shows up at your house or job. Change that phone number. And if he still calls tape the phone call or message. Take in phone records that show he's been calling you not the other way around. Go nowhere alone. And move. To another town if you have to. And if you have any friends that are in contact with you both drop them. And document, document, document everything. If he does use that order against you he'll have a hard time explaining how he's got a restraining order on you, but he's the one doing the harrassing.
  • Hi i know exactly how you feel my ex is stalking me too:( i have gone to the police they arrest him and just gave a warning now 6 months later i have had a brick through my window my car smashed in and my house door damaged all while me and my family were in the house. Sometimes going to the police just makes it worse as when they dnt do anything about it he knows that he can get away with it. i had no witnesses and no proof that it was him who done this to my house even tho i know it was him as yesterday would have been 4 yrs if we was still together. but the police wont do any thing... im terrified and now thinking to move house... but how do i know he wont find me again.?? its a horrible situation to be in and there is no one who will help i have read on a few sites that a restrainging order isnt a good idea as they will have knowledge of the order and also know with out proof the order counts for nothin i wish i could help you and give you some advice but unfortunalty im in the same mess you are take care of your self kind regards be unique
  • Call the cops when he doesn't see you
  • How do you make him want to leave you alone?....Tell him that you just found out that you have genital herpes and he needs to get checked out.That should at least put a damper on his obsession for you.One would think.
  • The FRO should go both ways - it should have consequences included in it that mean that if he comes near you that he is automatically violating it and can be charged as well. Let the police know that and have witnesses there when it happens. He will get sloppy one of these days and just make sure you keep a diary of all his contact with you - document everything and if able have a hidden camera set up and ready to go. Make sure you don't do anything that can be interpreted as 'inviting' his company / attention / contact. There is one other way around it, find the biggest, meanest looking truck drivers / bikies / construction workers and ask them out on a date at a time when he'll be typically wanting to turn up. Explain to them the problem you're dealing with and more than likely they'll be willing to help 'get the message through'. If you don't want to take the violent path, simply start hanging out at police bars and find yourself a nice sexy boy in blue (sorry, am drooling slightly - I love a man in uniform) to date. The police protect their own - even if it's girlriends of their own. They'll sort it out for you. Sorry to suggest such underhanded solutions as these but sometimes fighting fire with fire is the only way around things. I'm sorry you're going through this. It sounds like a really stressful, tiring experience. Sincerely, Meg
  • Police are useless. You can be stabbed, admitted to a local hospital, tell them exactly who did it and the police still do nothing. I can feel for you. We are all in the same boat. Trust me, people like that can get away with anything legally because the system is corrupt, police and judges are corrupt and no one in authority cares, you can bet on that. Also, if they break in your house and you shoot them then you will be the one to go to jail. With authority figures there is no hope. Our family is living under constant threats, stabbings, thefts, injury, property damage and no one does anything. The best you can hope for is that CNN picks up your case when your stalker kills you and maybe someone else can be saved by your misfortune cuase believe me after 7 years of this I know there is no hope. (moving doesnt help, they find you)
  • he got a RO on you but he's the one who won't leave you alone? that DOES sound crazy! you should get a RO against him too. it would be kinda like a RO war, but at least he won't be able to bother you. good luck.
  • My the time this question was posted, my advice would be useless at this point of time. Yet, if this ever seems to happen again, file a restraining order and/or obtain help from the police. Never forget the police. Yet who could with the simple number of theirs!
  • talk to the police about it, they'll make sure he leaves you alone
  • tell the police about it

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