• I am writing a sci-fi novel myself so I will try to help you. In my opinion you need to objectify her in the stalkers thoughts. When she is seen at a distance, he sees her figure like a perfect porcelain doll that he wants to hold closely hiding her from others. When he gets closer, he imagines how her long hair shimmering in the sunshine would fell wrapped around his hand to control her beauty.
  • like a wolf loves a sheep
  • The first time he saw her he felt her essence enter his soul and become a part of him. Every time he sees her she refreshes that feeling. It's addictive and he has to see her and be with her more and more often.
  • He is drawn to her, not by her doing, but by his fantasy.
  • "Put the lotion in the basket..."
  • he could not help himself. he was drawn to her like a moth to flame knowing that to meet her, one would be burned but still yet he could not keep from getting closer, to just inhale her scent would be like a balm to his soul.... +5 oh btw if you use this a small dedication to icysilver aka jen from answerbag is all i want :P
  • His father wore a watch. Large and heavy, with jewels, and hands that glowed in the dark. He used to admire it on the thick hairy wrist and his father would release the clasp and offer it. He would hold it in has hand, surprised by the weight and his desire to possess it, to feel the heft and mass of this beautiful object whenever he chose. "I like nice things" his father said. Indeed. At times like this, he could hear his father's voice, nearly imperceptable like a distant ticking,a rattling like moth's wings against the sides of a killing jar, a nearly inaudible phrase in the final line of a sinister sonnet-"I like nice things"
  • He admired her but from afar,he could'nt get close enough to her because of his obsession with her,but had a desire to make passionate love to her.But his evil instincts told him this was not possible,maybe in another life.
  • Psychological Obsession

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