• depends on the rules of that particular buffet lol
  • yes, depends which one you go to
  • You don't even want to see a book on Etiquette.Well the answer to your question is no. Your not supposed to use the same plate that you have just used.
  • no i don't reuse you are to get a clean plate so you don't get your germs in the food. +5
  • No, you are not supposed to.
  • Pretty much every buffet that I have ever been to has signs posted saying that you must use a plate when you return. I almost always do. Sometimes if I forget something (like a condiment) I will add it on to the same plate. But, I think that it is law in every state that you have to use a clean plate.
  • I think you are supposed to get a new plate every time. I always do anyways.
  • No, they usually want you to get a new plate for health reasons.
  • no, as far as i know it is against health regulations
  • No, I don't even use the same plate for 2nd helpings at home usually. In buffet restaurants, health regulations generally require that patrons use a clean plate for each trip to the buffet.
  • No I don't, no you're not supposed to, it is a health code violation.
  • New plate for health reasons. Also, if you can't finish something you're not supposed to scrape the uneaten portion back into the chafing dish.
  • No, I prefer using a new plate to maintain hygiene standards
  • I do sometimes: I just ensure that the serving utensil doesn't touch my plate. I don't think you're supposed to for health code reasons.
  • I do. My childhood was filled with hate and starvation, and alcoholic parents. I don't care about clean plates, if it means I can eat. Besides, how ironic is it to have a new plate when you're just gonna eat frog legs, and sea critters with shells and tentacles. Also as long as you got the cash, I'm sure the Japanese chick at the Nikanoru Buffet who doesn't actually speak a lick of Japanese and also doesn't know that Japan has an Eiffel tower much taller than the one in France doesn't care how much of a hawt slob I am.
  • no, and i dont think youre supposed to

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