• I think they're on the lookout for them too. That's why they have a number of departments;) Drunk drivers qualify as bad people in my book btw. At the very least, people who make extremely bad decisions.
  • They can lock up all the drunk drivers they want & not hear a complaint from me. I've lost several people & had others ruin their life with drunk driving.
  • Drunk drivers kill many people every year. They need to be caught and arrested. Seat belt laws are more for the cop hosing you off the road than for yourself.
  • Yep, drunk drivers are bad people out there, out of control inside 2500 pounds of metal going God knows how fast. Lock 'em up!
  • Drunk Drivers are bad people , they are potential killers every time they drink and drive. #I am sure the police are still looking for other criminals.
  • there are many aspects to law enforcement . u r not too bright r u?
  • Drunk drivers ARE among the "bad" people. Believe me, police departments have their hands full, but I doubt that they're sacrificing the apprehension of criminals for drunk driving or seat restraint quotas. You maybe see traffic stops more often than you see the gritty work that they also do in attempting to keep us safe. But that doesn't mean that they're not out their in the trenches. ;)
  • Frankly, because it makes them look better in the eyes of the people. It's more important to have a caring facade than actually be effective.
  • I don't understand why they go after people without their seat belts on. If people want to fly through their windshield and skid across 40 feet of asphalt during a head-on collision that's their business. But drunk drivers are just accidents waiting to happen. Do you really want to be on the road with someone who can't even see straight? And if anyone says their "Okay to drive" after drinking I will personally come through this LCD monitor and punch them in the face. That's a load of crap.
  • Go for the slam dunk. It helps with the ratings when you need to fill the til.
  • I think they are making their best effort to catch the bad guy robbers and rapists and such utilizing their detectives and investigators. The regular beat officers patrol the streets rather than investigating crimes. These are the ones who look for seatbelt offenders and drunk drivers. I think with the seat belts we now have almost everyone obeying the law, which protects their/our life and health. I used to drink, and I used to drive drunk and thank God I never killed or injured anybody. But we can't count on good luck to protect us, can we?
  • Not as much money in it?! ;-)
  • I have no problem with them going after drunk drivers. They are extremely dangerous.
  • Because those are easy money, the others are harder to catch and they actually have to work for it
  • I would say someone who gets drunk and drives their car, putting other people's lives in peril, is a pretty bad person. Don't you?
  • I'm having a little problem understanding your question here. Drunk drivers ARE criminals. DANGEROUS ones, in fact. Strictly speaking, people who aren't wearing seatbelts are criminals, too, since there are laws about that. But I'd like to point out a couple other things about these actions: You and I, other than the odd accident we drive by, don't see the kind of carnage and death an accident can cause like a police officer does. The police are often the first to arrive at such. They get there BEFORE the paramedics and firemen, in most cases. If you ever want to have your blood run cold in your veins, your stomach knot up in agony, puke your guts up, and then have nightmares for who knows how long, then witness first hand the after-effects of a violent accident. I used to volunteer in a hospital. I've seen some. Crushed skulls. Decapitations. Limbs torn from the bodies. People crushed and trapped inside their vehicles. The stench of burnt flesh. Children maimed or dying. People dying before your eyes. No, this doesn't happen all the time. But when it does, you can bet a police officer will likely be there BEFORE other emergency personnel to see it. So they have a vested interest in getting drunk drivers off the road and getting people to buckle up. Another thing you and I don't see are the preshift briefs these police officers have every working day. They cover anything that needs turning over from the off going shift, any new criminal activity to be on the look out for, upcoming events which may require their added vigilence. And more. To be a police officer is to be part of a TEAM. There are car patrols, unmarked patrols, investigative detectives, undercover officers, foot patrols, horse patrols, bike patrols, SWAT, bomb disposal,...and more. The officers in the black and whites are only a part of the team. And they're there to do their part in support of the overall goals of the department. They can't do it all by themselves. In fact, they aren't trained to do all the other jobs. The patrol officers are more than an enforcement arm. They are a first response team when the need arises. They are the eyes and ears of the police department, always on the lookout for suspicious activities and keeping the rest of the department aware of what's going on. When someone is pulled over for a traffic violation, more happens than just getting pulled over and ticketed. The officer runs a check on the vehicle to see if there are any outstanding violations on record for it: was it stolen, are the plates current, do the plates match the vehicle it's on, is the person to whom it's registered to a known criminal, do they have prior traffic violations on record, is the vehicle wanted in conjunction with any criminal activities, etc. He's LOOKING for more suspicous activities than just that seatbelt. If he doesn't find any, all you get is a warning or a ticket for whatever traffic violation. And maybe, if his warning or ticket made you think about that seatbelt, someday when he responds to an accident and it turns out to be YOU he finds...just MAYBE he won't find you halfway through your windshield because you weren't wearing a seatbelt. You don't know how relieved any police officer is when he arrives at the scene of an accident and the biggest problems the people have are some bruises and tears over wrecking Daddy's car. He doesn't have to wake up the next night from a nightmare that George Romero would have been sickened by. They have a thankless job. Next time anyone gets pulled over, I recommend they do what I do: Keep your hands on the wheel until the officer asks for something. The officer is in an unknown situation every time he pulls someone over. Put him at ease this way. Be polite. "Yes sir" and "No sir" go a LONG way. If you have to reach for something, tell him/her what you're doing BEFORE you take your hands off the wheel. Answer his/her questions openly and honestly. If he gives you a warning or a ticket, when he's done, THANK HIM! He's doing his job. And if you go to court over it, trust me: when the judge asks the officer his opinion of you, he WILL remember your courtesy. You may still get a fine and some points...but you are FAR more likely to have the penalties reduced for your efforts.
  • To "serve and protect." Keeping drunks off of the road is protection of the general population. Same thing with the seat belt laws. I'm not aware of an aggressive ticketing of seat belt law violators unless they are stopped for another violation.
  • One answer, $
  • Are you implying that drunk drivers are good people? Think about it like this...would you want your son/daughter in the back seat of a car driven by a drunk while they aren't wearing their seatbelt? If you said yes...stop having children...if you said will see why the police try to stop it.
  • Drunk drivers and not wearing a seatbelt equals death/s. Who are these worse people?
  • I asked that of a cop once and he said WE can't get everyone who is breaking the law that is why God made mothers
  • To be cynical, it is easier for cops to go after traffic violators than to go after dangerous people with guns. Also, seat belt and speeding violations generate revenue for fines. On a more practical side, drunk driving accidents kill three times as many people as are killed in homicides. Cops can put a dent in the number of drunk driving fatalities by pulling the drunks over and getting them off the road. It is more difficult to distinguish who is about to go kill someone at random in an act of murder, which again kills fewer people than traffic accidents anyway.
  • They need to be getting the drunk drivers. I've seen people burned alive/decapitated/eviscerated in their vehicles as a result of a drunk driver and the drunk got away without a scratch. I hope you aren't saying that cops are wasting time going after DUI's.

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