• I use a vac brush. I got it at an auto store. It plugs into the lighter connector.
  • I have a dusting brush gets the dust deep inside the vents can find them at like kragen, pep boys, autozone (those kind of places)
  • I use a test tube cleaning brush. +5
  • A paint brush around 1" wide works well.
  • All of the answers for this questions are great,and work well, another cool trick is that in a lot of vehicles you can actually pop the vents out, which is what I like to do if I can, so that way I can bring them in the house and wash them in the sinkthen pop them back in when they dry. :)
  • I never bothered. It really stank.
  • I use Q-tips.
  • I have used vacuum brushes, q-tips and I find that a rag work well especially if i am dusting off my dash board. +5
  • While we are in the airvent cleaning mode, lets not forget to use the Lysol spray. After you clean the vents with a Qtip, turn the blower off and spray Lysol inside the first left vent near the driver. spray until the vapors come out the last vent to the right. Your vents are now sanitaized and smell like new.. It works.
  • Compressed air and a vacuum cleaner. It works especially well if you block all vents except the one you are working on, and then choose one vent to blow into. the air will drive around the tubing and flush it out to the unblocked vent. Then choose a different vent to be open and blow air again from the chosen vent. select different vents until you have blown them all from the one vent. Have the vacuum ready at each vent of course. Select heat, cool, defrost and vent on your console, the air paths are different for each. Not necessary to have the fan running but if there is a lot of dust in the system it would not hurt. then use your rag to clean up whats left over on the console.
  • I've tried brushes; but the rage was what always worked best.
  • California Car Duster. Google it you'll find one. The dashboard looks new without putting anything on it. Armour All just seems to attract dust.
  • i purchased a detail brush at auto zone one side is a thickish brush the other side is mop like thing, works great on keyboards too. +5
  • I take a quarter cup of windex and dip Q-tips in it. A windex-dipped Q-tip is the best thing I've found to clean off soot and dust, even if it's caked on.
  • The small type foam paint brushes work well and can be trimmed down to fit the vents.
  • A static duster.

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