• Of course not. What else could she possibly expect a dolphin to do? People have to recognize there is a certain level of risk in doing anything, and if they're burnt when they play with fire, well, there's no one to blame but themselves. Certainly not the match manufacturers! Edit after reading the article in question: It would be great if the zoo had put down mats to avoid slips and falls, but I think we can and should be expected to know that water makes surfaces slippery, and tread carefully when water is about.
  • Yes. But it's better to sue the Zoo owners. Zoos's never reply to anything you say or write.
  • only if the rest of us can sue her for such a frivolous lawsuit, but apparently this has become the American way - if you are embarrassed or feel slighted in any way, sue them...simply pathetic.
  • There are just WAY too many people who are all to happy to sue over anything these days. Dolphins splash! Was that not expected? Does she really think they deliberately did it to hurt people? Please!
  • LOL! That to me sounds a little rediculous. If you dont want to get wet, stay the hell away from the dolphin tank! I mean, c'mon!
  • She should have been more careful and if she's suing (partly) over "emotional trauma" over a slip and fall accident; then she probably has (a) severe mental illness if something so innocuous was so devastatingly tragic. It's an extreme story from a person with an extreme reaction. Should she sue, sure why not; she'll probably win (so in that sense good for her). But before it ever reaches that point, I would hope that she goes to trial and is awarded one dollar, from a jury, for "pain and suffering".
  • No. In this case she should sue the dolphins. But be careful! Dolphins are very intelligent, and they hire good lawyers.  
  • This is unbelievable! Splashing is part of dolphins' natural behavior. In a zoo, you are visiting the dolphins' artificial habitat. You enter their house then you must expect the unexpected, as long as safety in not an issue. Let's be real!
  • If course she should because witches melt when you throw water over them don't they? :)
  • I couldn't find your article that explains it, but I'm going to guess the zoo was negligent in some form or another and an injury was caused. In that case, yes.
  • If it pooped in the water it splashed, maybe.
  • Hell no! I would give special reward to dolphins for that XD
  • Your URL goes no where. Actually, the dolphins should sue the woman. She don't like to get wet? Don't go see captive dolphins for entertainment. Ta da!
  • The referenced article has been deleted, so from the other answers I'm guessing that the woman was splashed by or slipped on water splashed by the dolphins. It is reasonable to expect that water would be splashed. Therefore both the woman and the zoo should observe and take reasonable safety measures. The zoo should take reasonable measures to reduce the likelihood of people slipping on splashed water. A rough textured paint on walkways or holding onto a railing, for example.
  • No. That was a stupid suit. I don't know what came of it.
  • Maybe she got her hair wet after a $200 salon visit, keithold? ;-)
  • No. Dolphins live in water. Water is wet. If you don't want to get wet, don't go near the water. Ta-da!
  • Good Lord No she should have stood further back. How can you tell how much water a Dolphin is going to displace. Anyone with any intelligence knows that to sit too close they will get wet.
  • Noooo!

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