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  • astroglide. for getting big things into small places.
  • Get your eyes tested. You may be long sighted.
  • There are larger condoms for those guys who are endowed with larger than average packages etc ... BUY yourself some MAGNUMS and wear those .... If you cannot afford to BUY your own condoms ; then you do not need to be having sex to begin with ... Also; take note that condoms should be used mainly to protect from STDs ... and that Birth Control Pills etc should be used for Birth Control as 18% of all condoms are Defective and will rip, tear, etc ...
    • newyorknewyork
      Where'd you get that 18% figure from? Condoms are 99% effective in couples who use them properly. That's not 99% per encounter. That's 99% per year.
  • Haha don't be so quick to flatter yourself big guy! There are large size condoms on the market and as long as we are relaxed and aroused it will fit.

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