• yep ,,,,, ordered some more made last week.
  • Yes about a year ago. I had a $20.00 bill which was counterfiet and a department store refused to take it. Contrary to public opinion, the bank refused too. I knew where I picked it up, went back to the store, bought something and used that $20.00 to pay for it. So it ended up in its original backyard. I was surprised the bank refused it. I had always heard they accepted counterfiet money on return but that is not true.
    • B.H. Wilson
      By 'passing' the fake to the place of origin, you are now a wanted federal felon. Maybe they got your mug on camera! ( I doubt that they could ever connect you to the fake even if they found it.)
  • Yup... I have seen counterfeit 5's...20's 100's. They are pretty easy to spot cuz the colors are off...and sometimes the design. The last 100 I seen though looked pretty real except for when you held it up to the light instead of it bein a benji shadow it was the one on a 5 dollar bill. I used to work at a grocery store. NE ways I would scare the hell out of them and keep their money and tell em to scat before I called the coppers. If my officer was their though we would arrest em. I always had so much fun with the bad guys.
  • Yes, and it was from an ATM
  • I paid for a drink at a local pub years ago and paid for it with a ten dollar bill, after looking at it for awhile the owner checked the serial numbers and it was counterfeit, the owner being a long time friend of mine just keep it as a souvenir and poured me another drink!
  • 99% of my transactions are electronic so I can live without fear of counterfeit money
  • yep, we bought a TV in cash, and the store called us and said amongst the notes we gave them were fake money; we went back to change the so-called money. we did think it was odd since we got the money from ATM and as far as we remember, the money were new and crisp, however the one that the TV store returned to us were kind of old and been around from pocket to pocket, if you get what I mean. so we think the TV store was actually the one who bullied us, not the ATM, but we had no proof, so we had to let it go.
  • LOL, what most people don't seem to know is ALL currency used in the USA is counterfeit. When President Woodrow Wilson sighed the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 he turned all the currency and the control of to the Federal Reserve Corporation owned mainly by the Rothschild family in Germany. The Federal Reserve is not federal and is not a reserve. The first Article of the US Constitution section 8 and paragraph 5, states "Only the congress can coin money and set the value thereof." This makes all the US currency counterfeit. The Rothschild family owns all but 3 currencies throughout the world. They control it all. In 2018 this point may be brought out with devastating results from what I have recently been reading.
  • 9-19-2017 All money is counterfeit. There is no money anywhere in the world that is backed by anything of value. The central banks simply create all the money the government cares to spend. That is why the whole world is collapsing, slowly and noisily.
  • Yes, from a dollar store. Since they handle money a lot I assume they knew it was fake but decided to pass it on to a customer who doesn't know the difference. I say I assume they know it was fake because people who handle all the time can feel a fake bill. I took this bill (not knowing it was fake) and tried to use it at a large chain store and they knew it was fake. After taking this bill they took the stuff I was going to buy back and told me it was a fake bill. Their attitude was like I knew it was fake and I was trying to use anyways.
  • not yet and hope i never do
  • probably, I've handled a lot of money.

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