• Your teacher needs some common sense.
  • disagree, its common sense that you look both ways before you cross the road, common sense that you dont jump of a cliff unless you wanna die.. its common sense that you dont annoy a hungry lion..
  • Your teacher was wrong is saying there is no such thing as common sense and right on that everyone has their own perspective on things.
  • I agree, because if one applies the word "common" as meaning "widespread," then the teacher is correct. All things we see and hear are dependent upon our own way of interpretting them. +5
    • notyouraveragedummy
      A synonym for the adjective "common" is "ordinary", the more appropriate interpretation for "common sense".
  • I have to disagree. Even though people do have their own perspectives, pretty much all of us have the same basic survival instinct & can agree on things that wouldn't be too cunning to do. If thats not common sense then what is.
  • disagree somethings are just common sense like not touching a hot stove
  • Disagree. It is just that we ignore the huge number of things we have in common precisely because we have them in common. We only notice the 1% of differences and ignore the 99% of similarities. It is common sense to breathe, to eat, to try to get on with your neighbours, to refrain from taunting dangerous animals, not to eat unknown substances etc. Of course, there is also sense that is not common, and beliefs that are common that are not sense. But the amount of common sense is enormous.
  • I have to disagree, I am thinking your teacher is wrong on this one
  • Disagree. The person with no common sense may have any perspective he likes; he still has no common sense. Many common sense issues are objective.
  • Disagree. The word "common" has slightly different meanings depending on the context. In the phrase "common sense", "common" does not mean "shared by all". It means "basic" or "everyday" and not requiring special training or deep understanding. It's common sense that if you put your hand on a stove you're going to get burnt. If it's cold outside you dress warmly. No perspectives there.
  • I disagree . There are MANY things that everyone would agree is correct / proper etc ... thus those items would be Common Sense in my book .. For example: Common Sense tells all of us NOT to walk in front of a semi truck ... +5
  • I agree.
  • I disagree. I've found that many people who are very intelligent and "book smart" seem to not have a clue about living in the real world. I've also found that there seems to be a lot of people who are lacking in it. Need proof? Just go to You Tube and watch some of the stunts people pull....
  • Tell your teacher duke says, she lacks common sense. LOL
  • I disagree with your teacher.
  • Disagree. Everyone may have a unique view of the world, and they may have a unique idea of how they'd like the world to work, but most of us can draw the imaginary line between what we would like and what will actually work. That is what common sense is. People like this teacher had better stay in their cozy little cocoon.
  • I disagree.
  • Disagree! Its true everyone has their own perspectives on things, from there they can find their common sense (their is always a common sense).
  • I disagree.
  • agree to some extent. Certain terms haven't been profoundly defined in terms of credentials, prerequisites in order for you to consider someone with common sense. Its ambiguous in a way in that sense but I guess society's and my definition of it are things you would have learned during cognitive development. for eg, "if i step in that big puddle, my shoes and sox might get wet" or, "If I take out the pan with no mitts, my hands mights burn." lacking in those skill would to me mean you lack common sense. :)
  • I'm not sure what your teacher thought "commons sense" is, but I always thought it was not putting your hand in the fire, lookine before crossing the road, etc. I would have to disagree with them.
  • when you look at the common people you will find little "common sense" most are driven by the media telling them what to think and what is right - be different live your life in a uncommon way and think your own thoughts
  • I disagree. Common sense is a form of practical decision-making and the ability to "imagine" the consequences of something you do.
  • The reason common sense is named so, is because it's suggested that quite a few people have this type of sense in common. Your teacher is speaking NONsense.
  • Once upon a time there was such a thing as common sense but in this modern age that same sense seems to be uncommon so perhaps we should call it uncommon sense.

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