• She will be very traumatized. The time in utero isn't devoid of connection with and love for your unborn child. So the loss is a loss of far more than just her time.
  • I have never known one women who carried a baby to term and considered it wasted time even if the baby did die. She would MOST CERTAINLY be traumatized at it. I gave birth many years ago many months early. My son was stillborn. I did NOT think to myself "well that was a waste of time". I still to this day 20 years later grieve for that baby who died.
  • Suby, my aunt lost it in the toilet in 1974 and still cannot get over it, sad! A long time we're talking about here, what do you expect with a still born baby? It's traumatizing of course.........
  • It really depends on the woman, and how many hopes and dreams they had in the new child. My mother-in-law is still traumatized to this day, and I think it's been over 25 years since it happened.
  • She could think of it like that. However, the child would be in heaven. That infant had a soul and the life does not end with death. As with us.
  • It truamitizes them for awhile, if they can have other children it helps, my sis-in law lost two babies at ninth month, the 2nd one we were a week apart pregnant, both due at the same time, her son died, mine didnt, she clung to my son and acted like it was her child, it was really sad. Going to a baby funeral when you are nine months pregnant was not a good thing.
  • I only considered it wasted time in the aspect that if it were at all possible I would like to have that time removed from my memory, just like other devastating times in my life. It was horrible, I never want to go through such traumas again. I don't know what the purpose is of such event except wasted time, UNTIL I meet someone else who has gone through something similar and needs support, and somehow it seems to help.+4
  • I've known several woman who had stillborn births. Everyone of them traumatized by it and permanently changed by it. One of the young ladies (now 28); had a tattoo of his name with angel wings and his birth/death date on her back. It's been 2 years since that happened and she's still not the same.
  • I think women that have a stillborn baby are usually much more traumatised than people realise. People seem to think because they have not known the child it is not the same. I am sure that it is the same as losing any child.
  • These babies were alive, had names, clothing, toys, cribs, half-painted rooms. Though somewhat sketchy, the kids futures were already partly mapped out by their mothers. . I would suspect that losing a baby in the first year of its life would be significantly more painful than losing it before it was born but in either case it's going to be rough on the mother.
  • Right now I am at 32 weeks, and if I lost my baby now, I think I would be beyond devestated. I cant wait to hear her cry and hold her, and tell her I love her. I feel relieved every time I feel her move.
  • Traumatized. You do connect with your child while it is still inside the womb.

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