• Because it's impossible to have legitimate complaints about a proposal that isn't even finalized, except "Waaaaaaaaaaa! They're going to cut off everyone's head and sell it to China!!!"
  • because they dont =) if they did, then they would actively engage in civil discourse, but they dont, so they make up lies/rumors to get people scared, build on their fear, and then just let the fear spread simple as that
  • Do you realize that the 'anti-health care bill crowd' are the ones who need it most? Particularly, the part that provides for unlimited mental health care, electro shock therapy and unlimited internment in mental asylums
  • Those aren't the only complaints out there- the number one reason is because it's not the government's job to control/regulate our healthcare. I want to pay for MY healthcare not everyone else's, including people who won't work. This is the united states, everyone has the same opportunity as the next person, that is why we live in a democracy -- we are not socialists here. I think if you researched the issue more you would find more complaints than what you had mentioned. Conservatives will always feel that way about it and liberals will always feel the opposite, so if there aren't complaints other than that it will be the same ol argument, ya know what i mean? +3
  • The Blue Dog democrats have some legitimate concerns about the bill. The Republicans are hoping they have found a chink in the armor of President Obama. So they trying the old divide and conquer. Divide the Democrat vote/ opinion further and discredit the president.
  • Doesn't anyone find it strange that I have heard the phrase "death panel" as a left-wing attack talking point easily five times more freqeuntly than I've heard it from any citizen or non-leftwing pundit?
  • since 9/11, the neo-cons have used fear mongering as the only weapon in its arsenal. fear is a weapon that can shape the opinions of perhaps enough gullible people so that they might just win this battle. in politics, its seldom about truth, reality, the numbers.
  • Boy, are you all in for a big surprise if this thing gets passed.
  • The right plays the same game in religion debates.. Play the victim because it's the only ammunition they have or know how to use and oddly enough it's worked for over 2000 years.
  • Because they have no legitimate complaints.They just want to preserve a broken system because it pays them to protect it.
  • There are many legitimate issues with this legislation, besides the ones you mentioned; the federal government would be overstepping state laws in several areas. This should NEVER happen but is more and more frequently and this must be dealt with harshly by the states and very soon. The federal government is out of linr. The issue of abortion is a huge problem for most people. Abortion is NOT healthcare. And Christians consider it murder and in accordance with their laws, they cannot fund it. Ezkiel Emanuel is the main consultant on this bill, therefore the certainly will be voted out in 2010 worry about death panels. One only has to read any of his papers which have been published in The Lancet and that says everything anyone needs to know about intentions. Does anyone actually BELIEVE this administration is going to grow some morals? I don't beieve so and am not willing to give up my freedom to choose. Why should I/ 80% of Americans are happy with their healthcare. I pity the foolish Congressmen who are duped into votingfor this crappy legislation. They
  • Which one of those is the obvious lie? All are being debated in congressional committees.
  • Not being an American,am I right to understand that the US Government wants to start a national health service which is paid for by national insurance and taxes like ours in the UK? All I know about American health care is that a citizen has to pay for his/her own health insurance and pay their doctor for consultations. Our health service started in 1947,and before that it was very costly for people on low incomes to get adequate health care.Since those early days our health service has improved vastly,and although there are still a few teething problems we all get well looked after. We pay a prescription charge of £7.20 ($11.13) per intem.For people who need regular medication the can buy a 12 month pre-payment certificate costing £104 ($165.36). People with life threatening conditions such as heart or thyroid promlems etc can get a exemption certificate from their doctor. If you are getting opposition in America to the new health proposals it could be that some of your politicians are being lobbied by the health insurance companies who will no doubt loose out if and when the new system is implemented.I would appreciate your views on what I have said?
  • the leftists always attack the sources of the information. They are afraid to debate the issues, preferring to smear others with false labels. The Democratic plans in congress will insure illegal aliens and will impose rationing of our health care. Politicians will have the power to dictate our treatment options. I ma sure age will be a factor, which is why senior citizens are not backing Obama on this. The cost cutting he proposed will come at the expense of those enrolled in Medicare.
  • There's probably billions in unwarranted revenue that's at stake. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies are going to fight this as hard as they can.
  • No lies. If hospitals are forbidden from verifying citizenship or residency prior to providing care then that is care for undocumented aliens. Govt deciding what treatment is or is not cost effective for desperate pts is death panels. According to section 163, the standards will “enable the real-time (or near real-time) determination of an individual’s financial responsibility at the point of service . . . ” In addition, they will “enable electronic funds transfers, in order to allow automated reconciliation with related health care payment and remittance advice.” Read it.
  • It simply stuns me that people can be so blind to what is going on. You call these lies? Death Panels? Maybe the exact wording is incorrect but since Obama's boy Emanuel himself says "doctors pay too much attention to patients and should think society as a whole instead, and decide whether money would be better spent elsewhere" I don't see how that can be taken any other way than if you are old and not really worth it you will just be told to die quietly. I can deal with calling that a death panel. Illegals? This has been proven true by Congress themselves. After Joe Wilson's outburst they had to amend the bill to put verification into it because IT WASN'T THERE ALREADY. (side note, I don't think it matters if this is addressed because, next, I think they are going to make them all citizens anyway) I can't speak to the electronic funds transfer. So I won't. My question is why, when faced with REAL OPPOSITION to their vision for the country, does the left simply call us racists and liars to try and turn us into the bad guys? I will suggest that it is simply because when the true facts are taken into account they are on the wrong side of what Americans want. Americans want a better health care and health insurance system with access for everyone. But, I don't believe "most" Americans want a bureaucratic, government run debacle that the liberals really want to force down our throats.
  • Seems neither side is very interested in factual statements to me.
  • You already answered your own question, they dont have legitimate complaints. Republicans wouldn't care if you gave them everything they wanted, they wont support a public option, they are more then likely in the pockets of the insurance groups.
  • There is a simple answer to what works and what doesn't for this topic as it relates to the USA. It's been attempted twice- once in MA and once in HI. Both times it failed and this was on a small scale. The facts that people want to see are the "facts" that they will see. Death panels are a stretch, but this is not in accordance with the Constitution on the other hand niether is medicare and medicaid or Welfare. These are programs designed to keep polititions in office, as are many of the decicions that polititions have. Bush was an idiot but he didn't try to "fundamentally channge America".
  • they all listen to that right wing bullshit ,because they can not think for themselves like rush limbaugh that pill popping junkie told asshole but he can say what he wnts ,freedom of speech but there are idiots who think its all true they are the real dumbones
  • They use these tactics, the politics of fear, rage and name calling, opposition without reason or any thoughtful alternative and so on because it is what they themselves respond to.
  • In case you don't know it, llegals are ALREADY receiving all the benefits which we (at least those of us who still pay taxes) pay for.
  • This will be one of the most expensive programs ever proposed in the US. That's why I oppose it.

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