• Why are ppl still stuck on Sarah Palin?? Get over her.
  • Sarah Palin is nothing more than an ill-educated, loud mouthed, little right-wing freak who should try sorting out her own affairs before passing judgement on anyone.
  • You should never put "think" & "Sarah Palin" in the same sentence. +5
  • American do not want UNiversal health I for one can't stand the idea of it either....Its wrong..
  • LMAO She should tell that to my Dad who would have died several times over had it not been for the NHS. She should tell that to my Nan who also would have died early had it not been for the NHS. Actually, she should tell that to the millions of people whose lives have been saved, and improved, by the evil death panel that is the NHS.
  • Do know the sound made by the teacher on the Charlie Brown cartoons, Wah, wah, wah, thats all I hear when she speaks.
  • She's a moron. Moron's think stupid things.
  • The only person that takes Sarah Palin serious is herself..........
  • Over the last few days I seem to have seen many outright lies about our NHS emanating from the American right. I know people are cynical about politics, but surely if you have to lie, then you have given up every principle of debate.
  • She's an idiot.
  • I would not trust Sarah Palin to accurately describe the color of orange juice.
  • We really should start "death Panels" and test them with her!
  • Sarah ran her own death panels in Alaska. Panels were assembled to evaluate the cases of elderly patients receiving care. But ya know that's okay right 'cause we were just being fiscally responsible kay? You betcha! (sarcasm) There are no death panels in the health care bill. Language that provided for consultation in end of life care and options has been removed from the bill to avoid any confusion or possible misapplication of the law. Palin is doing what her ilk do best. Engaging in fear mongering. Ignorant people love that alarmist $hit.
  • She's irrelevant. But for some odd reason, the LEFT thinks she's hyper-relevant. C'mon, she's a former governor of a low-population state. Why does the left care so much about what she says?
  • This has been done to death, but for what it's worth, here's a fairly uncomplicated and straightforward answer I read today - Enjoy.
  • I believe that Palin is an intelligent woman. Therefore, when she uses a word like "evil" or "death panels" she has to know that the words are not appropriate. Therefore she is a demagogue and hypocrite. QED
  • you mean that miss bimbo pageant contestant who had to attend 6 colleges before she found one dumb enough for her to settle into and earn a degree. the fool who quit being governor in mid-term and, in the same speech in which she announced her quitting, she also announced that she's not a quitter. she's the same religious zealot who was blessed by that snake charmer. the expression, "a nut loose" would only be insulting to hardwares. dumb, nuts, and egocentric, i think that she's too far out there for john mccain to endorse now that he knows that she's a freak. where my hero, abe lincoln, founded the republican party, i shutter to think that she was selected to run for vice president in 2008. i'd much rather watch the muppet show than her speeches.
  • Well, what do you expect of someone who has only two brain cells working?
  • Some people say great minds think alike, but really great minds think for themselves. Minds that think alike are sheep and listen to right wing asshole sausage making machine and Failin is the head asshole.
  • meat puppet of the next generation ... ... but who's fist is up her butt anyway, thats the thing about meat puppets you never get to see who's hand was up there until it had been withdrawn then the prints are writ on the wall and the stink finger writes on.
  • As a UK citizen I think Sarah Palin is talking absolute rubbish. I see many elderly people have expensive operations. When my hips were being replaced, there was a 72 year old in the next bed to me having the same operation. her hips were being replaced for the 2nd time as she wore out the first set. A friend of mine had private healthcare as part of his job package. He moved jobs. His first hip was replaced as part of private package. he is now having his 2nd hip replaced by NHS.same top surgeon is operating.
  • Sarah Palin is a phony. She and Bill O' Riley rehearsed everything, before going on his show. You can't go from stupid to smart over night. He probably even helped her write her book. He told everyone what she had to put in it, if she expected to sell it. I do not want a phony president. What A Hell Of A Disaster That Would Be. Did you notice she had the same answer for four of his questions. She just reworded them.
  • During the campaign they did a show of her from her home town. She had to get married. So they just eloped. Her dad said he didn't care, it would save him a bundle of money. So like mother like daughter. This was on CNN. She'd just be a hippocrite if she scolded her daughter for dupplicating what ma ma did.

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