• If people make the occasional slip-up, I don't mind. After all, we are only human. I make mistakes sometimes too. However, if people are constantly making errors, and are native English speakers, then I get a little pissed off. Lyk if ppl talk lyk dis all teh time lolololol dos it anny u2??! lolololol
  • YOU. . . . .HAVE. . . . .NO . . . . .IDEA. . . . .HOW. . . .A-N-N-O-Y-E-D. . . . . .I. . . .CAN. . . .GET!
  • I look at it this way. We are all human. Typos happen. But when people use "text talk" on here all the time, it does annoy we, and I avoid their answers and questions. I figure if they can't taje the time to write out a Q or A then I can't take time to comment on it.
  • I more worry that they are going to lose out when doing so on a job application. Practice makes perfect - of both good grammar/spelling/punctuation and BAD habits. When one practices good habits continually, it is much harder to revert to bad habits again.
  • Im fine with very minimum "text talk" because once in a blue moon I might find myself doing it. But when your whole sentence is in "text talk" I cant stand it!!
  • Two reasons why, first it makes it difficult to read and second it shows a dumbing down of our society. I worked hard to teach myself proper English, grammar, spelling and so on, I never went to school and did this on my own. To educate yourself shows self-esteem and pride. It show that the person seeks enlightenment and to better themselves, that desire seems to be lost. It was replaced with false pride and egotism, selfishness and ignorance.
  • Absolutely...with bad grammar, its one of my chief irritants. So easy to correct nowadays with all the spell-checker capabilities, but it takes some initiative, which is not universally evident.
  • Know its apart of life?

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