• Why would it be wrong? Teenage love is cute, just keep dating and see where it takes you, but u guys are still young, and you both will change a lot in next few years.
  • Not at all missy. Hey you never know maybe you will end up marrying him. Who cares what people say as long as you are happy and it sure sounds like you are!!! I think it's cute! Good luck to you love birds :)
  • I was 21 and dated a 17 year old. Don't worry about it. What happens, happens and you learn and grow.
  • Aloha Missy, nothing is wrong with that age difference, its not that far apart. However, the old saying is that women develop faster than men at least by two years or more. So you may want to keep that in mind when you find your boyfriend still playing with video games rather than wanting to take you out on a date. Good Luck!
  • personally, i would never DATE a older girl. Sex is great, but i cant see a relationship there.
  • I dont see anything wrong with it. My friends criticized me since i was a freshman and i was dating a 7th grader. I didnt care though and they were just messing with me. There is absolutley nothing wrong with it.And on top of it all my dad is 10 years older then my stepmom and they started dating when whe was a junior. what is wrong with it.
  • so he is only a yr under you and why would it be wrong love has no age limit my uncle was 13 yrs older then my aunt so go for it
  • it's fine! it's shouldn't be about the age difference anyway i have a friend and he's a freshmen in highschool and his girl friends a sophmore in college! and his parents don't care! it was strange at first for us his frineds but we got over it! your cool by showing that you don't care about the age thing. Right on!!!
  • No it is not wrong. Have fun, be young.
  • i dont see anything wrong with it
  • i dont think so

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