• I think you rblowing this a little out of proportion any citation backing ur claim or r u just trollin
  • You seem disoriented. Have you not heard or seen the letter stating that resources should be used on productive citizens -- not babies or the elderly. Maybe you are not paying attention.
  • Only the lies that are put out to rabble rouse by using words like "euthanasia" and "socialist" and "ten trillion"...I try to get my information from reliable sources that aren't related to news networks. Don't fall victim to the government tricking you into thinking that you are fighting for your best interests just because they say they have your best interest in mind. Do the research and understand what you are so determined to not consider before you turn it down as a bad idea.
  • We have the far right to thank. I'd rather stop the insanity than help fuel the fire.
  • That the [dreaded socialized] Canadian heath care system kills 1-in-5 patients.
  • Lets see. . 1. That it's government run health care. . 2. That it will cost 1 Trillion dollars a year. . 3. That we'll send people with cancer home to die, instead of treating them. . 4. Government rationing of Health Care. . 5. Obama sh!ts golden twinkies that people will have to swallow in order to be cured of cancer.
  • The biggest lie I heard is that it will be better for all Americans, and any better than the last healthcare system. Choosing between the previous fiasco of a healthcare system and the new "Obamacare", is much like the last presidential election -- choosing between a pile of crap and a bucket of vomit. It's ALL ridiculous.
  • that we are going to have to pay twice as much as we already do and still manage to double our national debt that i will have to speak to my congressman before i get care that it will kill all the old people that abortions will be free for anyone and everyone, (including men) the list is endless, literally, new rumors are starting as i type this
  • who cares no one gets out of this one alive.
  • That private insurance can't compete with government.. What is this saying about private insurers? They can't compete at all? If government insurance is so great they why oppose it? If millions and millions will flock to it then why keep the private businesses as the evil shitheads they are?
  • i'm sure that "youth in asia" were probably sent there by american pharmaceutical giants to serve as medicine guinea pigs. i believe all of the inflamed lies that have been sold to me by the far right.
  • Health care should be affordable for everyone, but a government run system, IMO, is not the best way to accomplish that. Hospitals currently treat many people who have no means of paying for their care, and that is reflected in your hospital bill and medical insurance rates. Hospitals are not cheap to run. I'm sure if I had the solution to this problem I could live comfortably on the savings. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer.
  • the far right shouts that the communal showers are for our own good. they've ramped this thing up 10 notches beyond reasonable.
  • Isn't Obama going to personally decide on life & death in a Romanesque style Colloseum while eating small children???? I'm sure I heard that somewhere....

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