• yes my NEW hp laptop thats on credit (yes, i'm still paying 4 it) SUCKS. i got it at best buy like a few months ago and out of no where it will just turn off and the charger will be plugged in. i'm all kinds of pissed about it. but my desktop is so loyal and never does anything like my laptop.
  • I've never had a problem with my laptop lasting.
  • What a good question and I'm going to keep track of the answers. My daughter goes through laptops pretty fast. My desktop is 10 years and still pumping away. I would like a lap top too. +4
  • I have more trouble with my laptop than my desktop.
  • as a desktop computer, it runs in 'desktop computers' names. dont get a laptop unless you like moving your PC around alot. some laptops are more expensive than PCs and have less ram. although you can easily add ram into both, you cannot add a better grafix card into the laptop
  • It's nearly impossible to upgrade many parts of laptops so they tend to become outdated much sooner than desktops
  • so far my laptop has lasted longer :)
  • My experience is that they fall behind the curve quicker, but they are comparable in durability. I have a PB 180 that still works after 15 years. Many people I know with laptops have had them for longer than many people keep a desktop. I've seen some old 486 laptops working just fine. Compare that to the number of desktop problems I've had (blown power supplies, drive failures, RAM issues...) and adjust for the fact that I've had more desktops than laptops and the end result is that laptop failures are no more likely. The reason many people have more issues is that they are under the delusion that laptops are all ruggedized and can take as much abuse as a hardcover book. If you kick your desktop as hard and as often as most people nonchalantly slam their laptops around, the desktop system will suddenly be less reliable.
  • My dell laptop sucked. I have a desktop one now and love it.
  • Affirmative!
  • From my experience, desktop computers last longer and are easier to upgrade/repair.

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