• People look at the glass being half empty. They look at what they don't have, and not the blessing that they do have. They believe that more government and socialism will make life better. This is the great lie! But, I am for "0" government. I think the Federal government should worry themselves with national defense and not a plethora of social programs.
  • Who wants that exactly?
  • Envy drives most of it. They want what everyone else has. There are many out there who believe government has a responsibility to provide everything for its people and so they vote similar voices into office. I believe that those in office who want to control everything are simply power hungry. “If I can control your health care, your food supply, your energy supply , give and take jobs the I control you.”
  • Agreeing with Nice Guy In Bay Area. I also think that it is just wrong/unfair/cheating/lieng and the list can go on. P.S. notice i called it "it" for a reason ;)
  • Assuming that by "our government" you mean the US one, I think they do control your country. They pass laws, collect taxes, pay out huge sums, wage war, put people in jail or to death... . Who else would? :-) +5
  • Because it takes responsibility off of the individual. Which sounds like a great idea, but when you trade your freedom for that it don't sound all that great anymore.
  • Not everyone wants the government to control the people. You should replace the word "people" with "entitlists." Only people who feel they are entitled to something want the government to control. Lack of personal responsibility is at the forefront of entitlist agenda, and requires the government to gain power and spread it out in the form of handouts. As the government controls more, it forces the people to become more reliant on it. Before you know it, we are a bunch of Communists wondering how it happened. Keep America free.
  • I'm confused by your question. I'm assuming that by "our government" you mean "the government of the United States". I'm also assuming that by "United States" you don't mean "everything that happens here", but ... "the government". So the question is a tautology: the US government controls ... the government of the US. I would argue, as many do, that the government attempts to control too much. And I would argue that those who want it to control "more" than it already does should honestly and objectively at how well it already controls the things in its purview: the mail, the roads, national defense and parks, and the justice system. Not so well, I'm afraid. I'm afraid of it taking on any more than it already can't do very well.
  • ease of control is inversely proportional to the population controlling it. It's just easier to lump all that responsibility into the hands of an eager few. There are many here who don't want that, but democracy is the will of the voting majority, and you are not that majority.
  • Because they are taught by the government ran school that everything should be fair, and it isn't fair for rich people to have more than you. It doesn't matter that rich people probably worked harder and made better life choices than you, it just isn't fair. Example, the first day of kindergarten all of the kids come to class after buying the huge amount of school supplies they are mandated to buy. Little sally is excited because she picked out all Hanna Montana pencils note books etc. then the teacher announces that all of the kids must dump their supplies in a box for the whole class to share. Little Suzy starts crying because those are hers and her parents bought them for her. The teacher calmly explains that some kid's parents don't have as much money as Suzy's and it just isn't fair for her to have nicer and better stuff than Johnny, so we all have to share and be equal. Another example, not taking score in little league sports because the kids who aren't as good athletes might feel bad about themselves if the don't win. Punish the successful and reward the less fortunate. Don't give any reason for someone to work harder and achieve, keep everyone equal. It is taught to kids before they can read. Socialism 101.
  • This is one of those questions that sounds good until you start to think about it. The problem with the question is the word control. Control what? We need the government to control large corporations because they are a threat to democracy and public health and safety. We need the government to handle the public works projects because the profit motive leads to choices that do not benefit the most people. For example, corporate attempts to run high schools has been a complete disaster. With the main objective being profits, not service, they do a terrible job and as per the requirements of any business, minimize the amount of money going to students in order to maximize profits. If the government doesn't control things, someone else will and we won't like it one bit.
  • Ask a 'straw man' question, get a bunch of 'straw people' answers...:-P.... . . .
  • Honestly, I think it is because Americans have grown lazier as a whole, and have a sence of entitilement that they do not deserve. I think about when this country first began, up till about the early 1900s. I dont think there are many left here that could survive. and I wonder how many would still have the ideas in their head on how the world should be if something happened that put us back in a survival of the fittest eara. Utopia is a wonderful dream, but all have to be on board of the concept. There are far to many people here that are satisfied with doing nothing and taking the handout for it to ever work here.
  • Whose government?
  • The simple answer is; THE SHEEP WANT TO FEEL SAFE!
  • Laziness and lack of desire to think for themselves. It is easier to let someone else set the perimeters, the rules, and you can go back to your tv show and just follow your instructions. Easy, and a quick fix, but none of those people ever had/have a single unique thought of their own to start with. They love the nanny-state, because it takes the responsibilites of life off of their shoulders, and if things go south, they have someone else to blame.
  • Considering how the Republican Fuckups, (sorry for the redundancy), made a smaller and less responsible government into a cash machine for rich folks, you shouldn't be the least bit surprised that they desire more control.
  • Would you prefer some other government to run this country? Canada maybe? Russia? China? I might go for Canada running America - but few others...maybe The UK, or Australia perhaps...but nobody else...
  • Because they are stupid "Sheep."
  • because they don't understand that 'we' are supposed to have control of OUR government and they don't have enough common sense and reasoning ,as to how to get it back!!!! state by state....
  • It's funny. Many people come to this country by loving it's freedom and opportunities. Once they are here, they want all the social setup they enjoyed in their country in a better way. People are not understanding the fact that the freedom and other opportunities are part of being capitalistic and less control over the people. Many Americans opting for these controls thinking they have huge flaws in capitalism and socialism will save them. Socialism is a killer of freedom and opportunities. Empowering people is the only way to ensure equality. My policy is give free education, not free job.
  • Because people don't realize we ARE the government, and they don't want to be bothered to do things like vote, contact their representatives and pay attention. They want "our government," meaning anybody but them, to take care of it for them. Of course, that's exactly how NOT to take care of our country.

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