• I insist on helping him pay for the evening. I'd feel to guilty to make a guy pay for everything.
  • I personally offer to help pay for the evening. I just think it is more fair that way. Plus, for me it is kind of an independence thing. I don't really need other people, of any gender, to help pay for me. Not that it's not nice every once in a while ;)
  • I LOVE it that a man has traditional values, and is such a gentleman. Once I see the he is genuine about it, I am happy to pitch in. +5
  • I like it when the guy pays.
  • i make arrangements in the beginning they pay for evenings out i pay for evenings in. i cook huge meals, rent dvds, or whatever. special dates with more than dinner than i pay my share or treat at times to be nice.
  • If he says he is treating me to a night out...awesome...I have no trouble letting him treat, otherwise I'll help pay. So many times I buy lunch, then they do...or dinner so it all works out in the end..
  • I find that a very sexy quality about a man. It shows that he is traditional and it also shows he has a genuine interest in the girl. And in return, the girl can cook him a nice home cooked meal b/c what man doesnt love those?
  • Yes I do. I'm a bit old fashioned. But, if he can't afford that (I ain't high maintenance), then he obviously can't stand on his own two feet alone. I have two kids to provide for...I'm not looking for another one that should be able to provide for himself.
  • I prefer to have the woman cook for me every night, we don't go out so ever so she doesn't have to worry about silly shit like this.
  • He should offer to pay for everything. If the girl is a keeper, she'll insist that he doesn't. That's when you insist that you do! :D
  • I think it's nice but I wonder if he will expect something. I don't mind helping to pay but it's nice when there are no strings attached. I would offer to help.
  • When he asks me out, I like him to be the gentleman and pay. If I asked him out, I would pay. I'm poor anyway. +3
  • If he insists on paying the entire cost of evenings out, that won't make me dislike him that's for sure. My boyfriend and I usually take turns to pay. Although both of us at various times have been broke while the other has money. Whoever can better afford it at that moment pays. I like that way of doing things =)
  • If he asks me out, he pays. If I like him, I'll reciprocate by fixing him dinner the next time . . . or if I really like him, I'll think of . . . some other reward.

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