• Yes, i would drive it...with a paracute... LOL Arent they supposed to be rebuilding that road to make it safer? + 5
  • I would be willing to do it....walking.
  • This is probably the one I saw a show about on TV a while back. The road is so narrow, steep curving a number of drivers have lost their lives. I would not tempt fate to show I could "out drive" her!
  • thank you sharing that video. i would not be able to do it. i flipped a jeep when i was 17 on a steep curve and i still have problems with mountainous curves to this day.
  • Oh hell yes!!! WEEEEEEEE!!!
  • I'm not that brave or daring. I watched a program about it - on Travel Channel I think - and had butterflies in my tummy just watching. TV viewing is thrilling enough for me.
  • Hell to the no!
  • well for the fact i am scared to even drive out of my own yard even tho i have a D.L, i would give it a try just for the hell of it to see if i could do it, my man would call me crazy. (but i will not have no kids with me it would have to be just me in the car) GOD I HATE DRIVEN lol =]
  • No, thanks! The Road to Hana on Maui was scary enough for me; I'm not looking to outdo that one. :-)
  • Looks exciting. I've driven in Greece and although this is more extreme, it's much the same thing. If I do get the chance, I'll take it, but not in an 18-wheeler, and I will not have a kid in the back seat screaming "we're all going to die!"
  • That's some insane stuff right there...imagine doin that every week I'm not afraid of heights but I have little trust in other drivers, I'll take a burro....
  • I've been down that road! Not; LOL! I saw a piece on this on 20/20 some time ago, but they were driving down. I remember when they ran into another vehicle trying to climb up! There is no way you would get me to go down there unless it was on a bike and I was wearing a parachute.
  • I would do it just to say ive done it; they should tunnel below all of that.
  • No, not really. There are enough problems just driving through shopping center parking lots here in the United States. I could not think of any place worth getting to --to risk it. I would rather fly.

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