• Not to me, but then I have my eyebrow and tongue done as well as both ears and a cartilage on the left ear.
  • Usually.
  • Generally yes. Still at least, unlike tattoos, you can remove it when you get tired of it.
  • no, just trite.
  • The clothes you wear with it makes it trashy. I think just a stud or something small is the cutest. Nothing huge, that hangs down to your pants. I say anything goes when wearing a bathing suit!
  • Only if there is a sort of penis jewelry attached!
  • If looking like a Persian prostitute is the "in thing" and not trashy then I am all in favor of navel piercings.
  • Lip piercings look trashy. Fat bellies sticking out over too-tight pants look trashy. A hot flat stomach with a little jewel in the middle is NOT trashy.
  • Yes............No.
  • let me explain what makes a navel piercing "trashy" there is a line as with everything else. for one they do not need to be showing all the time. second if they are not being taken care of and they are rotting out of someone navel they look trashy. and no offense but if someone has a few extra pounds and they put in a navel piercing it looks not trashy but bad. you have to have the figure for one. hence I don't have a pierced navel. just a few rules about piercings. just an f.y.i. tattoos are so much easier.
  • not trashy. the lady's naval is still the center of attraction. its just metal. nothing to be concerned about. okay, a diamond would help. or a zircon.
  • 7-1-2017 "Trashy" is a general purpose insult used by people who live by impressions without ever learning any principles of what they are talking about. All cosmetics are signals that you send to people to let them know that you do or don't take care of details. Ear studs are accepted because they are very pretty and so many people do it. Any other act of poking machinery through your body gives the impression that you are desperate for some sort of validation, or you want to slap strangers in the face, or you just have no clue about taking care of anything.

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