• I think something is wrong in this picture, but don't know all the details
  • I would ask him for a separate house with him paying the alimony for it.
  • I have a heavy snorer, so I wouldn't mind having a bedroom to run away to once in a while. If he means so you two can sleep apart every night then I think there's something a bit off putting about that.
  • i think married people should sleep together its weird if they do not and an indicator something is not right... unless there are actual sleep problems. i know i have major back pains at night so sometimes if i know i will be moving a lot i will move so i dont disturb my bf but otherwise there is no reason
  • Maybe he wants to bring his gf home and respects you too much to take her to your bed.
  • i don't think that is good, or right at all. married people should sleep together.. that's something i look forward to when i get married, ya know? you should ask him why and try to talk to him about it.
  • I wouldn't like it. It's one thing to have a separate hobby room or office, but separate bedrooms? No, I wouldn't want that at all.
  • This is NOT good! Trust me!
  • ask him if you can have a ladder up to your window of your room just in case ;)
  • Ummm that's not he still happy? +3
  • Ummm... no thanks. Tell him his extra bedroom can be the dog house.
  • Could be worse. He might have suggested getting a separate apartment.
  • It would make me sad. My parents slept in separate bedrooms because my Dad had back problems and sleeping issues. They had a loving and viable marriage, still do... but if I had my wish, I would have wanted them to have single beds in the same room. My husband and I share a bed, but even if we didn't I love knowing that we can chat in the middle of the night and have those intimate, nonsexual moments that we would not have if we were in other rooms. He snores like a fiend and some nights I don't sleep well, but I guess it's more important to me that I be near him than I not hear his snoring. We've been married almost 30 years.
  • I think that separate bedrooms is really the start of the end of the relationship. If my husband said the same thing yours did, I'd ask him if he wanted a divorce, honestly.
  • that would depend on our age and how long been married and the reasons why....
  • I'd ask him why he wanted it. I happen to love sleeping next to my husband. And he likes sleeping next to me. Now, if that were different, and sleeping in the same bed (or bedroom) didn't work for one of us (like some people can't sleep with the other's kicking, or snoring, or something like that) then we'd work something out. If he just threw the fact that he wanted a separate bedroom at me, without warning, I'd wonder what was up. I don't particularly think it's a sign of the end of the relationship - but I'd definitely want to discuss that one more.
  • If I was in that situation, I'd probably feel like he wanted a divorce or was thinking of having one.
  • I think that is a horrible idea. I have heard of a couple of instances where this has happened and their relationship was disfunctional.
  • Do you snore?
  • My husband snores terribly so we have seperate bedrooms when needed. We start out in the same room and if he wakes me with the rumbling, I gently shake him and he goes to the other room. It works! Also he leaves for the gym at 5:00 in the morning and doesn't like to wake me with the alarm (I get to sleep until 7:15)
  • I'm the odd person because I think separate bedrooms is the most civilized thing. I don't need the intimacy that goes with hearing bathroom noises, tooth brushing, snoring, etc. I think that takes all the romance out of marriage. Hearing a tap . . tap on the door or being able to get up and go to my nice clean sheets and have the whole bed to myself after our liaison seems perfect to me. Probably will not happen in my life but it seems perfect to me.
  • Well, I think it's a little sad. But that's just me, because sharing a bed with my spouse is something I love. But keeping separate bedrooms is not entirely uncommon in the history of our culture ... not long ago it was normal in well-to-do families, for instance. Just because two people are married, doesn't mean they might not desire some privacy, and for some people that might encompass separate bedrooms. It doesn't mean you stop having sex, or sharing a bed on occaision ... you just keep different quarters, is all. And then for some people with sleep disorders, separate bedrooms are necessary for a good night's sleep (or at least so that one of you can get a good night's sleep). In fact my parents and my parents-in-law both sometimes sleep in separate rooms because my dad and my father-in-law suffer from sleep apnea. So, that's what I think of it: a little unusual in this day-and-age, but not unheard of, and I don't think there's anything wrong with it, although it wouldn't suit me, personally. I would probably want to ask my husband why he wants separate rooms.
  • If you have regular sex and don't fight too much...I think you snore.
  • Does he actually want to Sleep in seperate bedrooms? Or just have a room of his own to hang out in? I mean, my husband and I each have our own "rooms" but sleep in the same bedroom. We just use our rooms to get our alone time.
  • I can relate. Sometimes lifestyles clash and sleeping in separate bedrooms makes it easier. My wife is a student, right now, and sits up late on the computer. She also has a tendency to be different than me when it comes to neatness.
  • Makes a lot of sense. A quarter of all married couples sleep apart, sometimes: I would only worry if it was a permanent arrangement or if another woman was moving into the room with him.

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