• I have a younger brother, so yes in my childhood I have been - but so has he *LOL*
  • Yes, quite by accident. My boyfriend of the time was gesturing emphatically and went to point behind him. I was walking up at the same time. POW! Fist right below my left eye. It's the one time in my life I actually felt my knees completely buckle. I dropped immediately to the ground. He was panicking. I was laughing.
  • Sure, and I hit each one of them back.
  • yes a few times I have.
  • Yeah, this dude I used to play basketball with got mad at me over something, I don't even remember. Started punching me in the jaw. Honestly, I thought about fighting back but decided not to bother because it didn't hurt. At all. I think I eventually just gave him a shove that landed him on his butt. Or he gave up and walked off, I honestly don't remember. The dude had a temper. Another time he tried to do the same thing and I just put him in a headlock until he asked (not told) me to let him go. Then he took off again.
  • With boxing gloves more than bare fists. I boxed a few rounds as a kid (these twins came up, Harry and Larry, asked me if I wanted to put on the gloves. I said sure. I put them on. He hit me in the face. I took the gloves off.) Then in junior high school I boxed several rounds. I was better prepared then, took a few, gave a few.
  • Are you tempted to punch me Polly? Watch it! lol
  • Slapped not punched. But hurt just as bad
  • not yet but someday bang zoom...
  • Yes, mostly by dad.
  • I've been in a couple fights when getting kicked in the face is the best experience
  • More times than I care to count.
  • I've been slapped, but not punched.
  • Yes, my brother and I were play fighting and he missed his actual target and hooked me one right in the kisser. :D
  • Yes; and funnily enough - both times by girls, not guysLOL!! - BIG girls, of course. One was the sister of my first wife: she hit me facially on 2 entirely separate occasions. On the 2nd, as I recall, her husband was holding me from behind. But then his mother told me that on one occasion, she hit him so hard she floored him, and he did not protect himself. So perhaps, he thought I shouldn't protect myself eitherLOL!!! The other was when I was teasing the 12 year-old daughter of my building supervisor. She suddenly decided she'd had enough teasing [Actually, to be very honest, there was little in it - it was only 2 or 3 'shots', I suppose you could call them, but I must have 'pressed' her]. She might have been only 12, but she was a Big 'mother'. She didn't hurt me, but it was a bit of a shock. The nearest from a guy was when I was in primary/elementary school; I protected my head and the guy more or less pulled the punch somewhat. So it was a non-effective 'jab' more to the head than face.
  • Unfortunatley I have but I started the fight with a young man in junior high school. I actually did see what i would consider stars.
  • Yep... Couple of times...
  • Yes, when I was Shitoryu player. But that was counted as a foul :) .(kind of Japanese martial arts.)
  • Yes,and repeatedly too,it was a fight I'll never forget,it ended with a kick to the left eye,I had a blind spot(similar to clouds without any color but black) for the next 2 weeks,,I paid him back after a few months,,,ahh the old days!!!:)

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