• Is there an easy way to fix this, what might be the problem and whould i just get it repaired from warranty/ get a replacement?
  • My first guess is that your graphics driver is broken; strictly a software issue. If you can find and reinstall the appropriate drivers, and it may take *quite* a bit of digging to even figure out which ones you need. However, I think that if it's pretty new, you should take advantage of the warranty. Partly because if I am right then the drudge-work of finding what you need sucks, and partly because I am not 100% sure I am correct since I can't actually see the system. If you can get it looked at by someone who can actually touch it and not spend a penny, I would go that route.
  • I'm almost positive that it is a problem with you, defective computer parts seem to be really common with people who buy acers.
  • Should have got a Mac.
  • I'd say have it RMA it back to them. Let them deal with it you just bought the damn thing. You shouldn't have to fix your new laptop just to make it work. If it keeps acting up, the fourth time it requires service, you can just ask for a refund (it's the LAW) and buy a Dell.

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