• 1) "Q: Can you propel yourself by farting in space? A: By Chris Hadfield - CSA Astronaut If you're caught in the middle of the Space Station and you're absolutely motionless, you can gyrate yourself around like a cat in flight that flips - its front and then its back and it ends up feet down to land. You can pivot yourself in space, but the only way to start motion, is to inhale one direction and exhale the other direction, and that way you can get at least a little bit of propulsion going. We've even taken vacuum cleaners up there and wrapped our legs around it to see if we could ride the vacuum cleaner and if it would blow us around, but it's extremely ineffective. And I think the type of propulsion you're talking about is even less effective. So if you're trapped in the middle of space ... you need help." Source and further information: 2) "Over three hundred years ago, Isaac Newton published his laws of motion. His third law, which he called the law of reciprocal actions is more commonly stated as "To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" So, yes, certainly, a fart would propel you forward very slightly. Considering, however, the small volume of gas and its low velocity compared to the inertia of your body, to notice this effect you would probably have to be in a space station, with no breeze, perfectly still, naked, and holding your breath. We eagerly await visual documentation of this experiment." Source and further information: 3) Further information: - "about zero gravity" : - "If I farted in zero gravity would I fly across the room?": - "What happens if someone farts in zero gravity?": - "Do astronauts fart inside their space suits?":

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