• I'm not sure exactly what virus that one is. You could try running a virus or malware removal tool to scan your system. I'd recommend running a scan with a simple to use, free utility called Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware to detect and remove the malicious applications on your PC. I've used this tool to clean up quite a few Windows computers. For best results I'd boot the computer into Safe Mode (F8 after the BIOS screen) before running a scan.
  • double click is more than likely a malware and as dmengo suggested malwarebytes is a great program, one of the tricks with this software is to make sure to update each time before you use it, then run in quick mode first time and then if lots of stuff found go ahead and run a full scan on it. but I have yet to get it to run in safemode. But AVG will run in safemode though, it just looks strange. Let me know the OS your running and I will post download instruction plus step by step instruction on software also
  • hmm.... the double click virus is very effective one. it is very difficult to remove as it get on function when you double clicks the best way is to scan your system with online antivirus. (many of them are free) if this not solve your problem you may have to format your pc or os (depends on the problem). SO BEST OF LUCK !

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