• All drugs cause side effects and can interact with others. I do not think that steroids are safe. They alter your natural body chemistry and generally mess with your system. Know your stuff. Learn what counter-effects the negative effects to reduce symptoms. It's all your business, take care of it.
  • The answer to your question is "Yes, of course there are". Regardless of what anybody say's, you will more than likely go ahead and do it anyway right? Firstly, injetable steroids cause less damage to your body. The drug you should stick with if you're worried about side effcts is Primobolan Depot, this steroid is mild enough that even women can use it without fear of untoward se's.
  • Every form of hormone modification causes serious damage to your system, both physically and mentally. In general: Steroid users can expect grave mental side effects and a shortened life span. (That is unless you are a millionaire governor in California who can afford heart surgery every couple of years)
  • Any hormone therapy can be dangerous if not used properly and in the correct dosage. Unfortunately, steroid use in typical circles involves injections for many times then amount necessary to produce results. Some geriatric doctors have been providing controlled micro doses of steroids to older men with terrific results. Get educated first, before you do anything. There is enough info available on the net to read for years. Take it all in and be sure to take info from any site actually selling a product with caution as there is a profit motive certain to be pushing specific products.
  • yes i do think there are safe steroids just like there are bad things in life that the public take for granted like booze cigs they kill more people every year but hey there legal and in demand so if u look at it realistically you could be taking a lot worse. if u stick to the prembolins and equipoise , anavar etc you wont go far wrong
  • yes there are steroids that are safer than other!you just have to do your research man.first of all almost all steroids are harsh on your liver so you'll need supplements to conteract to that side affect.two, i would go with injectables because the are not near as harsh on your liver as the oral (pills&sprays) steroids.third, dont count on steroids to do all the work.yes they work great but you still need to work out hard,eat right,take protine,and dont over dose yourself.lastly when your done wich i would only recomened a cycle or to not long term use.get a post cycle treatment so you body can produce your normal level of testosterone agian.if you dont the side affects could be permenent.good luck, and my best recomenedation is probaly D-bol if your wanting to go for an oral steroid.Or injectable anadrol-50.keep in mind you'll have to up your h2o intake on any steroid.

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