• You're a borderline alcoholic. Next.
  • lol true! i just even thought about that is really a boring repititve cycle until you die..but it helps not to think of it that way.screen out the bad thoughts +3
  • I get like that too (hence the name lol) in moderation there's nothing wrong with looking forward to the weekend (as i do) but if you find yourself drinking excessivly then theres a problem. Also sounds like you need a change with something, big change, new job or something. The way i see it, work hard, play harder! :) +3
  • Alcohol is the cause of and solution to all of life's problems.
  • I have the same problem your not the only one :) You sound fed up. Try a new hobby or maybe get a new job or something different that will change your life ;)
  • sounds like you need a change, but your not alone i get like that too. aslong as you dont go crazy its ok once in a while
  • My son in law died last year from cirrhosis of the liver. He was 43. He felt like you do and, as it turns out, was pretty banged up emotionally. He started to work on his problems (PTSD - Army) after a relapse in recovery. It was too late. Don't let that happen to you.
  • You need a vacation. Get out and do something exciting. Go skydiving. Ride a balloon. Find a hobby or charity to work at. Go on a whale watch. Most people never explore their home town attractions. Have you seen yours?
  • You need to find something to occupy your down time other than drinking,new friends,new playgrounds. It sounds like drinking occupied your life alot,maybe a change of venue is in order.
  • Sounds like the problem is that you are living a repetative lifestyle. You should go out and find new things to do, new people to do things with, new places and faces. You live in LA, there has to be interesting things to do there(I think?) If all else fails, you could pick up and move, fresh start.
  • Well, kicking oneself in the ass is no fun, but we all end up doing that sometimes. Perhaps it's your turn. ;) Think of it this way too. Growing old and being an elderly, decrepit old man is no fun, but the alternative is.....?
  • You're not smoking enough pot.
  • Not a problem. Do you live with other people? Lots of old guys and older women like alcohol in the evenings after work. wine. vodka. whatever. the grocery stores have double aisles full of alcoholic beverages. its beyond my understanding. . you could take some classes, learn to play chess, or bridge, or go bowling. you can still drink at home in the evenings. why not.
  • It's easy to see the problem here, GG. = The lack of hard drugs! ;-)
  • life isnt fun for you without alcohol because youve led yourself to believe that. i can tell you having done a lot of partying in my life ~ that life is just as sweet without alcohol. when youre really high on life, the natural drugs your brain and body produces are just as good as the high you get from being intoxicated from alcohol. in fact, its even better to be sober because you can remember everything the next day. if life is a repetitive boring cycle you need to get out of your humdrum frame of existence. try new activities. meet new people. change careers. go on a vacation. go wild. reality is the playground of your dreams. so dream big and play.
  • I have trouble comprehending that. I don't drink or smoke anything. I have grown to dislike anything that alters my consciousness. I would much rather feel the rush of challenging and expanding my consciousness.
  • Ya' know ; Life is what we make of it .... If you want an exciting life ; then go out and do exciting things ... meet new people at exciting events etc ... Alcohol is a CRUTCH and an EXCUSE for various behaviors ... NO ONE really "NEEDS" alcohol ... if you THINK that you do ; then you are an alcholic and need to get into a rehab or go to AA meetings to get your life back on track ....
  • I have a large group of friends that don't drink and when we get together we laugh and act silly and dance around as though we were drunk but we are stone sober. It maybe that you need to develop a group of friends that don't drink and then you'll begin to find out what a blast life is with or without alcohol. All you need to do is go to AA and there's lots of people there having lots of fun. Talk to them.
  • You must live in a small town...
  • The problem is you're boring and you're an alcoholic.
  • Your attitude is the problem. Like so many have said, you need to do fun and exciting things. You have a great list going here with lots of great ideas! I'd like to add improving your mind and body. Take a class. Could be academic, heck you could eventually get a degree if you want, but it could be an art class or music, learn to play and instrument, take a shop class or dancing. Learn to cook - the ladies love that in a guy! And you could meet someone at class you really click with, or meet a whole new group of people! Go hiking! Fly a kite! Hop a train! Build a boat, or an extra room! Have some fun!!!
  • You just don't have much of a life then kid. If all you have is vanilla, then you cannot complain about all icecreams.

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