• I have only felt the Holy Spirit and it was not a voice but it was a thought from the Holy Spirit. I believe you Marisol. You have God's favor
  • No; I "feel" people who are hunting, be it muggers or cops with radar guns.
  • yes when I was a kid I once thought I heard my Mom call me from down the street to come home. When I came home via riding my bike she said she hadn't called me. The next day she had a dream that I had been hit by a car while riding my bike. To this day she thinks I heard the voice of God calling me home and that it prevented me from getting hit by a car... who knows. All I know is that I heard the voice distinctly and no I am not crazy. =)
  • Not a voice but a "feeling of knowing". Here's what happened on one such occasion. Many years ago some friends and I were on our way to an outdoor concert. (Steven's Point 1970) I was driving with four other friends in my car. We had made a stop at a service station just off the highway. It wasn't a freeway, so when returning to the highway, we had to stop at a sign and wait for an opening in traffic to turn right onto the highway. While waiting, for no explainable reason, I felt I needed to move, and I needed to do it immediately. I couldn't go forward as there were no openings in the traffic, so I put the car in reverse and backed up maybe 25 feet. My friends in the car were asking what the &*%& I was doing. I stopped and faced forward in time to watch a semi veer off the highway, and pass right through the spot where we'd been sitting a second or two earlier. It drove over the curb, and plowed into a rise in the ground where the service station sign was mounted. The driver got out, as people from the station gathered around; he was OK. My friends were shocked and frightened, and asked how I knew; I had no real answer to that, I just knew I needed to move out of the way. We were all crowded into a Karmann-Ghia, a small car, had we stayed where we were, without question, the car would have been crushed, killing everyone. As it turned out, no one was hurt, and we all had something to think about; we drove for quite awhile in silence, thankful to be alive, and on our way to a great three day music festival.   I stopped back to add a pic. of the festival. :)
  • To me, that would be your higher conscience connecting with the Divine. I have heard that voice. I have also been told when to listen for it by that voice. It always was for a good reason that worked.
  • I think that we all pick up cues from our environment, which we might not even be aware of. I remember one occasion when I was driving on the fast lane, and there was a car in front of me on the slow lane, driving perfectly normally. But I braked, because I *knew* he was going to swing out in front of me, and on cue, he did. My daughter was in the car, and she said that she too knew that he was about to pull out. But there was nothing in his driving that make me think that consciously. We have a lot of finely-tuned instincts, and sometimes they can save our lives. Whether we hear them as a voice or experience them as a feeling, they are very helpful.
  • one time when i was about to light up my bowl(i had to sneak out my window so my parents wouldnt kno)i coulda swore i heard someone say dont smoke...know mind u it was like 10pm i live in a relatively quiet neighborhood and it sounded like da voice was comin from da freakin blew me so much dat i decide to go back inside and wouldnt u kno it my moms knocked on my door da same second i got back inside...whew saved my ass...havent smoked since either...which is weird cuz i love weed...
  • That's possible but it's your own subconscious talking to you instead of an outside source.
  • Yes we all have this voice regardless of the source... when people refuse to listen or pay attention is when bad things happen.
  • Yes,although I have a mild form of Scitzophrenia as well,I've also had the 'Little Voice' warn me.It's called intuition.*+++++*
  • It wasn't a voice it was feeling i had, me and my sister use to walk to this sandwich shop whenever we would go we would always sit in and eat we never took are sandwiches home. So one night we are in there just had this really bad feeling and i told my sister i said i don't want to stay in here lets go home, she asked me why i said because something bad is going to happen if we don't as soon as we walked away and crossed the street two men ran in there and robbed the place a week later the store was shut down and solded.

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