• The better man won! I'm glad Al Franken got the job. +5
  • It was the Minnesota Supreme Court that awarded it to Franken. Coleman's concession was only a formality.
  • I think it's pretty awesome.
  • Nice! About time.
  • Seems that Democrats count votes the same way Iranians and Hondurans do. No big surprise there.
  • Don't like it.
  • Very very dangerous. I think I'm remembering my history correctly. The last time things were like this was in about 1865. Lincoln had been assasinated and Pres. Andrew Johnson was powerless to put Lincolns plan for reconciliation through a throughly anti southern Congress. Congress enacted its own reconstruction plan which for the most part allowed only reconstruction friendly appointees to hold offices in the former Confederate states who appointed their "associates" to fill vacancies in the Senate and House. After Lincolns/Johnsons term ended U.S. Grant who turned out to be a very weak president was nominated, won. He held office for two terms during which he was reallt nothing more than a rubber stamp for the reconstruction Congress. The election cycle gradually kicked in and the reconstruction period ended after about 8-10 years. The damage had been done and the resentment fomented during this period lasted through the 1960's when the Jim Crowe laws were either ruled unconstitutional or overridden by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. That older states versus federal government political conflict became racial. If an out of balance Congress is allowed free reign this one will be economic and social. The three separate but equil branches of government were designed to prevent the type of situation in which we find ourselves today. sorry, didn't mean to ramble.
  • I think it will be short lived. The Republicans are bound to win seats back in both the House and Senate in the next elections.
  • But what will the Democrats do if they can't blame the Republicans for the country's problems? Extra taxes, anyone? Come on, there will be more than enough to go around.
  • I'd say if people wanted more Republicans, or any other party, then they would have voted for them. The people have spoken.
  • It's about time. I hope he feels good about holding up legislative duties for selfish reasons.
  • As a former Minnesotan I am happy although some what surprised Colman conceded without going to federal court.I think the reason might be Pawlenty will run for president in 2012 and if he was forced to continue to back Colman it would have been a black mark against him.
  • I thought Coleman was wong to fight it after his challenge to the recount actually awarded more votes to Franken. Dragging it on so long was doing the Republican Party harm. But Coleman's concession when the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled was swift and gracious. That is to his credit.
  • HELL YEAH!!!!
  • IF we needed another republican in the congress.
  • Now we shall see if a former comedian can handle the job of senator. Or if he will be another joke.
  • I've noticed a great deal of whining on the Republican side. Their memories are rather selective. Only a couple of years ago, their senate majority leader was giving serious thought to the Filibusting tactic: "Nuclear Option" to change senate rules to allow a simple majority to pass legislation as opposed to the current super majority. Which would've bit them in the ass after the next election cycle.
  • Having 60 "votes" make the Dems filibuster proof on paper only... to quote Will Rodgers "I'm not a member of any organized political party, I'm a Democrat!" Try to get them all on the same page... they try juggling cats.
  • It's about time.

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