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  • Cuz she blames you, becuase she herself feels guilty about evrything. She wants you to forget about her faults...and make you feel like everything is your fault. Girls a bad one....Expecially if she lies about EVERYTHING...very unhealthy. Not good stuff, seems like she has some major issues, and needs to grow up...alittle.
  • She has some issues she is struggling with and you are just an easy target. It might be wise to stand up against her, and let her get it all out, for eventually, she should say what is really bothering her. I doubt it is just you, if you at all.
  • she is addicted to secrets. she thinks she is entitled to have secrets and values them above your relationship and will guard them even if there is no reason to do so... while not the the reason she keeps them, it will lead to her having secrets which violate your relationship and eventualy end it.
  • Because she's a pscyho bitch. Kick her to the curb and see what she does then.
  • Well, what I'd say you is to think again...wheather you'll go further with her or not...this might turn into a real problem in your life later. This could happen if: 1. She doesn't respect your your love. 2. She's habited to this. 3. Might be she is from a messed up family...or having family problems. 4. She might be involved with someother else and trying to avoid you. 5. She might be having some psychological problem; in that case you should go for a psychologist. So, I suggest you think once again about your relation. Best of luck.
  • Because she is probably USING you for money, sex , or whatever .... Ya' need to make her an "EX" .... and take a break ... Get back into the dating game after you are refreshed and ready to have a real relationship with someone who REALLY can be HONEST with you ...
  • its all a girls plan do something wrong an then blame u..its so u feel guilty and they are free

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