• my brother used to be a wal mart security guy he said dont sweat it but dont go back in that store for a while
  • you wont be allowed back in that store, at least not while that LPO is there you wont be arrested or anything though, if they didnt call the cops while u were there then you are fine. just go to another wal-mart lol
  • You got a sweet deal. He cut you a break. Don't assume you will have that happen to you again should you shoplift again. That is petty larceny, which is the same as petty theft, not stealing that much money and/or valuables. You could be taken to court, so plan for that. However, I don't think you will. Always plan for the worst and hope for the best. There are worse life mottos to have than that.
  • which Walmart?I live in Vegas too.
  • nothing will happen, you dont have to not go in the store unless you were served with trespass papers, just dont steal again
  • If you were not served any court papers ; it is OVER. You are , however .. BARRED from that Wal Mart and IF you go back; you CAN be charged with Criminal Trespassing .... and; the Origional Shoplifting Charge can be brought back into play ... IF, by chance you were OR are served with a court appearance papers ... You will more than likely get probation IF it is the first time being in trouble with the law ....

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