• Offer her what she is DESIGNED TO BE EATING IN THE FIRST PLACE! RAW MEATS. Start with a Chicken breast, bone in. RAW Bones are SAFE, COOKED bones of all types are dangerous. Cooking makes them brittle and so they can break into shards. RAW Bones are softer...including (especially) Poultry bones! They crunch right up! If she refuses raw you can VERY BRIEFLY SEAR the meat on a very high heat, for just a second or two which will make it smell more strongly. Do not feed any bone (with meat attached to it) that comes from a heavy weight-baring cow or deer...those bones are too dense and can crack teeth. But a turkey leg...or half a whole chicken...would be dandy for her to start with...look for meat that DOES NOT SAY...ENHANCED on the package! This will also help to produce the best quality of milk for the puppies!

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