• Compared to an IT tech, most people ARE morons. Oops. Did I say that out loud? ;o)
  • Yes ... and I AM my IT department.
  • Since I work in IT, I know we do.
  • Yes. And the corporation is called Best Buy.
  • Because people don't know things that should be common knowledge. Maybe that's not nice, but IT people are human too. I'm not in the industry, but a huge percentage of my family and friends are.
  • It is simply what I.T. people do.
  • Of course they do. As does anyone els who knows something others don't. Mean spirited people...that is all I gotta say about that.
  • Imagine the guys who work at the corporate offices of Apple & Microsoft.
  • Sometimes, you have to. IT is a specialist's department where real, challenging projects are few and far between. Most of the time it's just the simple problem of the person not knowing how to use the equpiment, so then the IT person has to train them... over the phone... since you don't know if this person is an idiot, it's best to start from there.
  • They can do and I work in IT, although I try to avoid support where I can. Sadly some people in IT don't have very good social skills. But the same is true in many areas of work, it just seems a bit more prevalent in IT to be honest. I always try to be understanding when dealing with IT problems. I think I have said "it's only easy if you know how" more than any other other phrase. Also I don't mind people that don't know what to do. That's fine, I don't know how to do many things as well, we all have different talents and training. It is quite nice to be able to help in those situations. I also don't mind helping those who do know what they are doing but for some reason have a problem or mental block. What I really can't stand is those that THINK they know what they are doing and won't listen to someone that does know.
  • We do. They are :D
  • Sometimes. They acted like I was a moron once and to be honest, I did deserve it.

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