• Yes, we are. I am alien to my next door neighbor. He doesn't know me. I am alien to the people in China and perhaps all other places except where I am living now. I am an alien!!!
  • I guess an alien would be anything or one that is foreign to someone or something. So.... in a weird way you're right
  • no, we would be the "natives". they, who come from elsewhere are the "aliens".
  • Aliens is a relative term. They would be alien to our planet; we would be alien species to them.
  • No we are the natives to this planet therfore they are the aliens although i suppose it's debatable
  • I may suggest to you the definition of "Alien" -a lifeform not originating from the place it resides, or visits. Even a person from another country living,visiting,or occupation of a non-native land,or country is an "alien" I think if you rephrase your question to an extraterrestial or ET came to our planet...? Remember the key word "Terra" meaning "Earth". Your question does provoke thought, say the "aliens" did visit your country or were not from Earth(our planet) they would expect us to look different,yet suppose they were here 1st? Then, yes we would be the transplanted or non-native species therefore"Alien" this is the only way I can say "yes" to your question but remember "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

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