• Pistol whip 'em! ;-)
  • kick his ass.... what would you do?
  • Look to my husband, or any one of the 99% of the ACTUALLY hard-as-nails people in the bar that are really tight with him, and say "uh, take care of the light work for me?"
  • It depends on how threatened you feel. If this guy is hellbent on messing with you then you might have to duff him in the face. Even good people have to fight sometimes ya know.
  • Shoot him repeatedly. I carry 4 rubber bullets and 2 regulars in a .357 for the crazies and druggies. If he takes the gun from me, by then my barkeep's got his shotgun over the counter. If not, then he wins because I was too weak or stupid.
  • Go to another bar. I'm a lover.
  • If you're a girl, and a guy is trying to pick a fight with you, then I hope you got some mace in your purse, or some very hard shoes on.
  • Gang? Like The Bloods? Leave honey. You wanna preserve that face.
  • The best you leave if the owner does not help you.
  • don't go to places like that v,,,life to short,,,to many half wits out there,,,thing is you never know when it's going to happen ,,even driving has it's problems,,,
  • Just ignore him and go back and hang out with my mates or if i was alone i would just walk out of the bar since he seems to have a very small penis that he feels the need to try and pick a fight with me for no reason at all! Why did something happen?
  • Leave ! Who needs it ?!? Is it fair? No ! But then, life ISN'T fair!
  • I unfortunately might be stupid and stand up to him. It all depends on my mood and most of the time I will not put up with crap like that.
  • Laugh. First of all I'd only have gone in there for change or some other unusual reason. And it would simply be hilarious for a big bad gang banger to pick on a little old crippled woman using a walker! His rep would be dissed just by starting the fight. Secondly he'd never recover from the incident if I popped a cap in his ass. I'd never shoot him in the head. I'd want him to live with the humiliation, and continue to be a pain in his ass till the day he died!

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