• Only if they're a hottie like you.
  • Not really. I guess I figure that just because they didn't give me points or explicitly thank me, doesn't mean my answer is completely unappreciated. Plus someone else on the internet might find the question and be helped, but they might not have an answerbag userid. Thanks are always nice... but it doesn't make me angry not to get them.
  • Not anymore. I enjoy my friends here so much that none of that matters to me.
  • When you see that it is not just a person overlooking a question but it is the way they work with every question. You start to realise that they are just point farmimng that can be annoying.
  • No, I know feedback can be a real biatch to keep up with... especially for the more active users. However, it does bother me when that happens a lot. Then, I feel like I am talking to myself and the user isn't being responsible enough to follow up on what they put out there. I say, do your best to make sure you appreciate those who take the time to share with you. You happen to be awesome about that :)
  • It's pretty irritating, yes.
  • Happens too often to get annoyed. And who knows - the idiot who wrote the question might think it was a terrible answer and you're lucky not to be downrated
  • Not really. I'm not doing this for points.
  • It use to but after happening so many times I decided to focus on the great things that happen more. Best we can do on this planet is try to help. some will love it and some just do not care. but if we are all we can be and happy with ourselves, then we should be able to put bad behavior behind us and enjoy the fruits in life.
  • Exactly like Firebrand said, it's a pattern of behavior. It's understandable that a person is not going to get to everyone all the time but if they never bother to reply to answers in any way, I stop bothering to answer their questions.
  • depends on the person. if someones new to ab, it doesnt bother me at all. some newbies come to ab just looking for answers to their ?s ~ they dont get the concept that its a conversational networking site or theyre uncomfortable with it. for the others, there is no good excuse for not responding on multiple occasions, unless you havent logged onto ab for a while. i realize sometimes ab has site glitches and the comments indicator doesnt work, plus you also only get 5 pages of new comments which isnt enough sometimes, and then sometimes there are oversights. but its obvious when a person is a serial nonresponder or a pointhog. personally, i dont care about the points ~ a simple thanks is enough to know they bothered to read the answer. not commenting is disrespectful. i wont avoid their future questions, because the answers are for more than just one person and sometimes i feel i have something important to share on a topic. but i wont go out of my way to answer theirs either.
  • Not getting a comment sometimes is annoying. But lots of answers don't receive comments. The thing that annoys me about points is when someone does a minus points and you don't know why.
  • No. It annoys me when they click on the link on my page and don't leave a rating or comment or even worse - don't purchase a copy of my book.
  • Not annoyed, but I begin to wonder why I'm answering questions from certain ABers who act that way. If I was annoyed, I would list a few hundred names here.
  • yeah i do. ;D
  • If my response is in answer to a serious question or advice it drives me nuts that I have put thought and time into trying to help if the person doesn't respond. However, if it is a fun question which isn't really important than I don't really expect a response.
  • Nope. I don't care about points. They are completely valueless. Doesn't matter a bit to me.
  • I would like to know if they thought my answer sucked or not so yes it does sometimes annoy me, but if they have say over 30 or so answers to go through it might be a reason they have posted something.
  • You get all my pts, I'm always out of them. But yes It drives me nuts. Only point mongers seem to forget to give them. I know it sounds unbelieveable but sometimes I run out of things to say. So I dont comment but I still give pts.

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