• ummm. no. If your talking about Bush senior he was a fairly average president, if you are talking about jr. ummmmm no and here is why: 1. most secretive administration in the history of the US. 2. Violation of all but one of the constitutional amendments. 3. The use of signed statements that far exceeds all of the previous presidency's combined (Bush = 5,000+ all others combined = less than 200) 4. Never found weapons of mass destruction. 5. Lied multiple times to persuade people to go to a war that they did not need to do too. 6. Signed into law a modification in the status of mercenary's to allow them to operate in the theater that U.S. forces operate in. 7. No child left behind, (need I explain, my husband was a teacher and don't get him started) 8. Mangled global politics and has squandered all the offerings and charity from our Allies 9. Excessive war profiteering and no bid contracts given to Haliburtan, the company the the Vice President was formally CEO of 10. Duct Tape scare. 11. New Orleans, (to bad Katrina hit during vacation I guess). 12. Outing a CIA Agent, and did not fire the leak-er of her identity, despite saying he would. 13. Claims God wanted him to be president. 14. Free speech Zones 15. worse of all, hearing him do what he calls speaking. 16. Went AWALD while serving in the National Guard, which he couldn't have gotten into without the influence of his father. 17. He should have been in Jail already due to his history of Drug use, and having been pulled over in possession of enough cocaine to warrant the Texas automatic +20 years sentencing. (Nice to have an influential father again) 18. History of financial troubles in EVERY business, and management venture of his past. 19. signed laws, that further deregulated the banking industry. (he isn't the only guilty one of this but he certainly contributed) 20. Tortured prisoners; which the USA has had a tradition of always treating prisoners well, and enemy combatants that began with George Washington during the Revolution (in fact during the Gulf War "Operation Desert Storm, of which George Bush Senior, was commander in chief, it was boasted at how many Iraqi troops surrendered, because of the word, that the prisoners were given lots of food, TV, and such) I could go on if you need me to, but I wanted to keep the list brief.
  • Ok, is that a joke or a question?!
  • Oh yes, absolutely! He makes Lincoln and Jefferson and Roosevelt and Washington look like stone faces on a mountainside by comparison :)
  • ha...none can be labeled 'greatest ever' ignorant...he was certainly a good Commander in Cheif ,a good man FOR THE quite a few others were.....he does happen to be a favorite of MINE, so was Ronald Reagan...good,common sense leaders...compassionate,non partial & not an EGOIST...
  • Yes! Go Bush! Go war! Go financial crisis!
  • Which one? On what grounds?
  • Not close. He'll be seen as a better president than he is seen as today, but he's second tier at best.
  • Masochistically speaking? yes.
  • I can say with all honesty that Amanda Bush was the best president the PTA has had in years. Yes. I would say she was the greatest.
  • He was the greatest president if by greatest you mean greatest at providing comedy gold for years to come.
  • No, Regan.
  • If "great" = 'friend of the rich', sure! ;-)
  • No. I think Obama is on his way to becoming the greatest president ever.
      If he hasn't gotten there yet, there's not much more he can do to get there.
  • LOL! You're kidding, right? No way! Booo!!!! Hissss!!! Throw the bum out!
  • +5 No. Not even close.Not at all. Barak will be the greatest ever
  • George Bush the father, or George Bush the son? Neither qualify as great presidents.
  • Hardly.
  • I assume you mean "Sr" See Washington, for example.
  • Regan was better.

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