• I believe its just from society. Boys are told from a young age to be brave, and "boys don't cry". Men are seen as being able to hide their emotions better than women.
  • It's a hangover from the "man as hunter-gatherer" stereotype. It's strong in all of us; even as someone who doesn't believe in these stereotypes, I hate to cry, especially in front of other people.
  • man should make his woman feel safe and when women see her man worrying about something she may feel not psychologicaly safe but i personally think that in some situations it's not bad to cry even for men, they just shouldn't cry for small things
  • Their parents growing up and society (part of society anyhow). It can be cured. I cry now when I feel the need. Growing up and into my early 20's I only cried 2-3 times. Now it is no big deal, and if I feel the need to cry, I do it. It is healthy to express those feelings that way, and very unhealthy not to do so.
  • I would suppose it comes from other people were depending on them to be strong and deal with life. Crying is seen as a sign of weakness and unless it is in an appropriate situation is seen negatively. I cried when my father died for instance and am holding back tears now that I am thinking of it. But other than that, not permitted.
  • The moment crying took on the stygma of a sign of weakness. If you associate crying with weakness, then as a man, as the head of the house, as the protector of the family, and other roles that have been thrust upon them willingly or unwillingly, any sign of weakness is a hinderence to their authority. I don't agree that men shouldn't cry, but I don't think they need to be whiney, teary eyed, touchy feely balls of emotion either. I teach my children (boys or girls) that it's ok to cry, but there must be a reason. Hurt feelings, hurt physically, but if it's just because you didn't get your way or because you want something... unacceptable. Girls do tend to be more emotional, especially at certain times of the month, so sudden outbursts of crying are tolerable, and natural. Men don't have cycles who aren't on some kind of estrogen... therefore shouldn't be prone to sudden outbursts of crying.
  • I think it relates to expectations of power. If we had a woman President, I don't think we would appreciate her crying.
  • I don't think its that, but rather that men have to be strong to deal with all that is thrown at them in the world and if they are crying they can't effectively deal with situations. Is not that they never cry, but they are careful in choosing when they allow themselves to.

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