• A goodnight kiss with too much toungue and spit.....I just threw up in my mouth a little bit lol
  • Top four things, not necessarilly in order: her pulling a weapon you meeting the husband either being arrested you contracting herpes
  • 4. Telling him/her you love them and want to start a family... 3. Pass out drunk at the bar... 2. Throwing up on your date... 1. Explaining to him/her how f**ked up your ex was, and then proceed to tell your date how much they remind you of that ex...:/ Lol...
  • your meeting her boyfriend bad breath moving to fast being drunk being tight ass
  • - sounding self absorbed - asking your partner to pay - asking for sex - bad breath/body odour
  • 1.The person who asked the other on the date, brings them to a very nice place (btw, they didn't dress nicely but told the other one to do so) and then suddenly after a four course meal & lots of wine realizing they don't have money. 2.Saying I love you! 3.Having gross habits while eating, like talking with a mouth full, spitting food across the table, and spilling all over the place. 4.Your date having you drop them off down the street from their house- that's suspicious!
  • 1. he is a she (and visa versa) 2. he tells you that you sister is a better kisser 3. he says "efore we have dinner I have to kill it first" 4. you in a bar with the TV on showing his picture as "ecaped from prison"
  • 1. Finding out hafl-way through the date that he is married 2. He lets it slip that he has charges pending for stealing his neighbours panties. 3. He goes to the bathroom right after the bill comes and you never see him again. 4. You find out he's related to your ex.
  • 1. Finding out he has terrible breath! 2. If he invites HIMSELF in when you did not do so. 3. Finding out he's married. 4. Finding out he's really homeless.
  • If they were rude/inconsiderate, mean, ungrateful or argumentive.
  • Bad breath,bad attitude,bad manners,bad kisser lol
  • 1- Garlic breath 2- Talking about all your flaws 3- Still crying over your ex 4- Swearing like a trooper lol
  • 1. On the ride home he gets a flat tire...while its raining. 2. On the ride home, you feel your tummy get all gassed cant hold it, he looks at you...your about to kiss, then.....*fffllluuuuurrrppp*...smellz horrible. 3.He walks you up to your door and kisses you good night...your friend answers the door cuz she thought she heard a knock...and he checks her out big time, and she smiles back. 4.You get hot and heavy and you go up to his room...your primping yourself in the bathroom when all of a sudden........"its that time" WHOOPS.
  • 1). Pulls up to your door and honks the horn waiting for you to come out. 2). Takes you to a McDonalds, orders, and then makes you pay. 3). Talks incesssantly about his ex's and how they screwed em over. 4). Not listening to anything you are saying or not even giving you a chance to talk.
  • -Late to pick you up. -Had to beg for you to go out w/them for a long time and you finally agree and really wish you wouldn't have. -Ask you to watch South Park -They are so drunk that you know they won't remember in the morning anyway.
  • - Waiting a long time for them. - Your (gf or bf) dresses in good clothes and you get a stain on it. - You injure them a lot of times. - You tell him/her to have sex already.
  • Rape A mugging Vampires Halitosis
  • 1. Guy that's clearly full of himself. 2. Pressures to have sex. If you don't like me without the nookie then you sure as hell don't deserve me with it. 3. Showing up high for a date. I understand the anxiety, but that doesn't mean you've got to ruin it for both of us. 4. Not telling me where we're going until the last possible moment. I need time to plan what I'm going to wear because showing up in a red-carpet number at a rodeo isn't very thrilling. 5. Being too shy to kiss me. You obviously like me, and if I said yes it's mutual. Come on!
  • His wallet is empty He invites you back to his place He laughs like a hyena He talks about himself continuously & never asks about you {inv +6}
  • He tells you its a dutch date pay for half He talks about his ex girlfriends and how good they were in bed. He is a complainer, everything out of his mouth is negative He comes out of the mens room still fixing his ding a ling in front of people in the restaurant. Hes loud, yells for the waiter.. He scrutizies the bill, I (f) hate that..
  • I can think of the number 1 thing. When someone gets too drunk on the first date. When that happens, just call it a night.
  • Reaching out and grabbing boob(s) out of no where!
  • forgot your wallet. an arguement. bad choice in movies, she doesnt like XXX. no bonding for next time.
  • Only top four? Here's 10 things not to say on a first date: "I have this rash, the doctor won't know until the results come in, but he thinks it's nothing serious" "I really don't like this restaurant that much, but I wanted to use this 2-for-1 coupon before it expired." "I never said you NEED a nose job. I just said it wouldn't hurt to consider it." "Could you excuse me? My cat gets lonely if he doesn't hear my voice on the answering machine every hour." "I really feel that I've grown in the past few years. Used to be I wouldn't have given someone like you a second look." "And I won that trophy in the inter-fraternity belching contest." "It's been tough, but I've come to accept that most people I date just won't be as smart as I am."
  • You want to do it? No? Ok. You want to do it? No? Ok. You want to do it? No? Ok. You want to do it? No? Ok.
  • Her chewing her pizza cheese and then showing it to you dripping down inside her mouth. (I've seen this-- it is horrible!!) She reveals to you that she is/ was/ or will become a man. Her tattoo isn't a tattoo-- it's the mark of the Beast! She levitates and/or reveals that she worships the moon, stars, Satan, or everything other than Jesus the Christ.
  • grabing the waitrice talking with food in your mouth asking the waitrice for thresome paying only for what you ate
  • He is 1. a HUGE Jonas Brothers fan 2. the owner of 6 cats 3. actually a horse 4. actually...a broom.
  • "forgets" his wallet in your car at dinner Skips out on the check Steals your Car Wreaks your car All but the last part were what happened to someone I read about on my cell phone (weird news is so fun)
  • His wife showing up at the restaurant. Talking about his sexual performance with previous dates. Jamming his tongue down my throat in a room full of people. Getting caught in a severe thunderstorm on his Harley. (Actually, that wasn't a very bad end to the date.)
    • we are dough 68
      Was his name "Ice Man" ?
  • Groping Sex talk Talking about yourself your likes your dislikes your favorite teams your opinions your plans blah blah blah Talking about or staring at other women
  • Finding out she is my half-sister. Finding out she has a penis. Finding out she won't pay for half the date. Not getting any.
  • 1. Late. 2. Rude manners. 3. Lying. 4. Financially broke.

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